Where are the bears?

After reading the opinions of traders in various sources, there is clearly an overweight for the long for today. There are no obvious bears at all. It is sad, since in this case the probability of going down is very high.

Ну наконец, дождались :)

Finally waited, otherwise it was not clear whether to buy, whether to sell.

Good day everyone! I'm on business in Rome, that's why I didn't write.
Of course I took a ride down normally, but in principle there is nothing wrong with that. Сейчас вроде you can try to buy again, as the oil pushed off the lower channel.
I will try to withdraw my futures account again with a plus, he won't go anywhere. Everything turned out better for stocks, but that's why I trade different instruments.
Now I will buy oil and S&P 500 with stops on the previous lows, and there I will look at other instruments in the evening.

Валерий Mальцев
President of the Broco holding


Thanks, господин президент. :)

Economic dissertation from SaxoBank

05 February 2010

Saxo Bank in its financial outlook report for 2010 year predicts, that the main trend of the world economy this year will be a gradual recovery, which will be expressed in improving the state of financial markets, increase in GDP and consumer confidence. However, such recovery will not be ubiquitous.. Besides, the bank does not deny the possibility of a second wave of the crisis due to the situation in China.

Saxo Bank Economic Outlook for 2010 year — PDF, 1 MB

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