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Caring for the trader – a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received.

Gap Open Trading Tips

The Gap Open Online Stock Trading Strategy The “Gap-Open Trading Strategy” is a popular online stock trading technique that we use whenever a stock gaps open beyond our planned entry price. For example if we plan to enter a stock long at $50, but it opens the next morning higher at $52, we will then apply the Gap-Open strategy. – Stock Trading Online Here’s how it works. Instead of entering immediately at $52, we wait until the stock has been trading for thirty minutes. We then check the highest price that the stock traded at during that time, and re-set our entry point to just above that level; usually .25 to .375 of a point is enough. Once the price is reached, we enter our trade. It’s as simple as that. If the stock is really strong, it will first gap up at the open, dip down as some

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Results of last week 7.12 – 11.12

WEEK I turned back to zero. Just started experimenting with thick stock and a huge amount, but on other days following his trading strategy with a good plus. Will try more consciously trading on additional strategies and fewer, until we understand its pros and cons. It must be harder to maintain discipline and trading strategy. There is no gross errors, but additional strategy took profits on the basic strategy. Gradually my trade back to normal and getting back to normal, then everything will be fine -) list of biggest bankrupt companies stryker triathlon knee chrome att preferred stock symbol momentum leads price linda bradford consistent results psychology of head and shoulders pattern merry christmas 123

Trend – your frend, and turn the enemy bitch

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Search pride and fear of regret

Since last month, Jason holds a position on DELL. He was in profit, and profit forecasts irningov promise, in particular, because of entering new markets. On the other hand, the economic indicators look bleak. Business news full of stories about cuts in companies that can easily put up for sale new computers at low prices. Jason was in a quandary. He is proud of its decision to buy a DELL, and hopes to make a bargain, but the questions “I trade on the news?” I listen to the media and ignore other more important economic indicators? I should immediately sell or even hold a long position? ” disquieted. He wants to make a profit, but on the other hand, he did not want to be winning the game had become unprofitable. It is one thing – an incorrect assumption about the opening position, and quite another – to allow profitnoy

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