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How many pros got divorced

I remember when I just started my trade, I really did not have enough information , because there were no bloggers in Russian about NYSE and I started a blog. At first glance, the situation has improved over the past couple of years., there is someone to read and even watch seminars, but these are units, the rest is rubbish. Some even try to write videos with deals and describe them., забавно смотреть как они прячут размер позиции т.к. trade a small volume not exceeding 1000 Shares. Could show :) Большинство кто начинал почему то через год считать себя профессионалами и пытаются продавать свои курсы, But what can he teach a person if he does not fully understand how to trade and only knows the basics?. There are, of course, a couple of people from whom you can learn, they have been in this business for many years and teach not for money, а потому что им нравится передавать свои знания. The rates of a profitable trader cannot cost 100-1000$, если это не ваш друг

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I want to become a professional trader

Until my trading success is bad, but this is very far from the level to which I want to come. To become a professional trader, I still have a lot of shortcomings in trading.. I do not have enough competent deals and the absence of stupid unreasonable visits, flexibility in managing position and concentration. I limit my profits and I can't even 100 leave stocks to see where the stock will go. I started to buy more and take big positions, but due to an increase in the position, I worsen the price and the stop becomes large. Хочется начать торговать овернайт и NASDAQ. I will try to achieve my goals in the near future.

Linda Bradford Raska / Linda Bradford Raschke

Linda Raschke is a professional trader with 1981 of the year. She started her career as a trading floor trader and later founded the money management company LBRGroup.. Linda Raschke was featured in Jack Schwager's book The New Market Wizards and is well known for her own book, Wall Street Virtuosos.. She has also published a huge number of educational articles on short-term trading in the markets.. You can remove a trader from the exchange hall, but you can't make him forget the habits of the stock market.. Current example – professional trader Linda Raschke, who currently trades from her office, started as a trading floor trader on the Pacific Stock Exchange in 1981. and then on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Although it has already passed 17 years, since she stopped trading in the gym, Linda says, that market principles and methods of analysis, which she was developing at the time., remain an integral part of its trade today. Actually, some of the tools, которые она

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Jake Bernstein / Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein – professional trader, American analyst and author, who uses his more than 40 years of practical experience in market analysis to test opposing and controversial points of view, formalizing and building effective trading methods. Jake Bernstein is one of the most popular and respected analysts in the stock and futures markets.. He also serves as President of MBH Commodity Advisors., located in g. Vignette, Illinois and Network Press Inc in Scots Valley, California. Jake wrote over 40 книг по фьючерсам и фондовым рынкам, психологии трейдинга и экономическому прогнозированию; introduced numerous methodologies for analyzing futures markets, based on cyclicality and technical analysis; is the author of the newsletter for traders; conducts online training, helping traders improve their skills and achieve trading success.

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