Productivity Secrets From Geek King Nikola Tesla

There are a lot of legends about Nikola Tesla. Still unknown on 100%, what exactly is true, and what is an invention from one of the greatest scientists and mystifiers of the XIX - XX centuries. Scientists are still arguing among themselves. What is just a search for the query "Works of Nikola Tesla". But one thing is certain - Tesla was a great scientist, long ahead of their time. Its principles of operation fascinate many. He could practically not sleep and at the same time his productivity did not fall. Для того чтобы понять, will a new invention work or not, It was enough for Tesla just to visualize all this in front of his inner gaze.. The theory has invariably been confirmed by practice. About that, that his approach to work is truly a model of productivity, a long list of inventions speaks eloquently, which we successfully use to this day. Did he have any special secrets? Maybe. But he kept them to himself. And I share that, что смогла найти в разнообразных

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