Uptick rule in the US stock market

Uptick rule (rule 10a-1)- restriction of trading in securities on the American stock market, которое не позволяет открывать короткую позицию (shorts) кроме как на «ап-тике», that is, the minimum upward price movement. In fact, this implies, that you cannot go short in the market, but only with a limit order for 1 tick movement from the current price up.

What you need to know in the first year of trading

If you are going to trade the market, it is important to have comprehensive information, which will allow you to make an informed decision. It's complicated, but an interesting market segment, And, since it does not suit everyone, need to understand, what you're going for — and either change your mind, or strengthen your decision. so, What is important for a beginner trader to know?? 1. You won't become a millionaire in a year, And even in three years. Not worth going in this direction, if you want to get rich quickly , it's unrealistic. Firstly, too many factors affect the situation, which the trader cannot control. Secondly, traders, who come to the market for easy money, tend to make mistakes and fall into traps, which means, lose more, how to earn. If you are serious about your career as a trader, then you have to understand, how does this market work, and it takes hard work, patience and discipline. Any, who tells you otherwise, trying to sell you something.

SEC proposes new rule

Brokers will be required to disclose additional information about, how they execute trade orders of large, institutional investors in accordance with a new proposal from the Securities and Exchange Commission, submitted on Wednesday. This proposal, on which the SEC voted unanimously, provide investors with formal metrics, showing, how well their trade orders were handled. This measure is key to the actions of SEC Chairman Mary Joe White to resolve conflicts of interest and non-transparency of the market structure., описанной в бестселлере Майкла Льюиса “Флеш бойз.” В соответствии с предложением, for the first time, investors will have unified data on metrics, such as the percentage of orders executed, which would show mutual funds whether their transactions were executed on an exchange or in a hidden pool.

17 of things, which I would like to hear before, how did you start trading on the stock exchange

Trade fewer stocks at the same time Do not try to imitate your idols , trading 15 shares at the same time. Thus, you will only make more mistakes and will not be able to effectively lead the position.. Take your time Growing by limits is not a race. Slow, but the right approach is always more successful. This does not mean, what do you need to reject 1000 shares at each limit, before thinking about moving to a higher limit, but you have to be sure, that you do not exceed the risks that you can afford. Sign up for a tutorial site Don't want to sound biased, since I blog myself, this is a very good site with great thoughts and rules. Nevertheless, there are many other training sites. So look for the one, which suits you best, watch videos and take notes on them. If you are trading scalping, what's the point of watching a video about penny stocks? These strategies have absolutely nothing in common.. In addition, you cannot watch videos as passively., …

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10 life rules, to keep in mind in times of trouble

We all go through hard times. This is life, and there's nothing you can do about it. Some people's lives are harder, than others, but we all feel pain sometimes, loss and misfortune. But, что бы ни случилось, do not forget about some things. A family, friends, the senses, responsibilities - it all stays with you, что бы ни произошло. We decided to expand this list, and so 10 правил, which you should always remember.

How to deal with stress for a trader (day trader)

In small amounts, stress can motivate and give rise to sports anger., but when the tension snowballs, it can be very draining. In addition to the usual stress-relieving tips like “exercise regularly, eat well and sleep ", I would like to share with you some philosophical thoughts, starting with a hackneyed lecture on stress:

20 secrets of success from Dieter Bohlen

  He has created hugely successful projects.: Modern Talking, C.C.Catch, Blue System, Chris Norman. Besides, he wrote hits for many famous artists. In his book, Dieter Bohlen shares his secrets of success.. I quote them here unchanged. Have a clear goal in front of your eyes! This goal can be idiotic., utopian, Unattainable, глупой, but if that's really your goal, если ты уверен, what do you want to achieve it, you will succeed. Without it, don't even start.. Ask Yourself: is my ambition great?, Do I have a tenacious grip?? If these concepts are alien to you, sit better on the couch. Проверь себя: what kind of person are you?? Can you work day and night?? Feeling neither hunger nor thirst, forgetting to go to the toilet, только потому, that you are fighting for your cause, and everything else doesn't matter to you? If you are like that, you will succeed.. If not, it's not bad either.! I know a lot of people, …

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8 topical advice to the trader

1) Не торгуйту во время тильта Даже и не вздумайте. No matter how upset you are with the cons , as soon as you feel tilt, close the terminal immediately. Nothing has such a detrimental effect on your deposit, like tilt. After trading a whole week, it won't be fun for you to lose all this result in a few trades on tilt. Or force yourself to close the terminal, or you can not count on the withdrawal of money. 2) Торгуйте соблюдая риск менеджмент Несмотря на то, that risk management advice is incredibly simple, sometimes it seems, that many traders try to find any excuse, not to follow these rules. Before diving into strategy, learn to manage your money. If you are trading beyond your capabilities, even the best strategy won't help you win money all the time.

Video:12 reigned by John Davidson Rockefeller

Today I read on the Internet an interesting article about John Davidson Rockefeller. Probably hard to find a man, who does not know that the richest man in the world is John Rockefeller, who started his first steps in his career as a simple accountant, and graduated as the richest man in the history of mankind. Today, his condition would be estimated at about 200 billion US dollars. An impressive figure, Really?;) However, I was interested in the rules of John Davidson Rockefeller, which he followed, to increase and preserve capital. These ones 12 reigned by John Rockefeller:

Notes on 19 november

Strict discipline pays off: Deals are smarter and more selective. Number decreased, but there was quality performance. Feet are smaller and less frequent. The main task now is to continue in the same spirit and the result will not be long in coming. I plan to increase the number of winning trades to 40-45%, Right away 30-35%. Increase risk / profit 1 to 5-8. P.S. In the coming days, we plan to reduce the cost of the trading platform and the fee for dedicated servers for those wishing to open an account on NYSE through us .

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