On the rights and interests of the debtor

In practice, the bankruptcy of an enterprise can be carried out with protection as the interest of one party, so is the other. Implied, that the debtor will be able to support his interests by the relevant regulatory documentation. In this case, a certain order of implementation of one of the insolvency methods will be fixed., which goes within the framework of a mandatory payment for previously existing obligations. This includes those deductions, which go in favor of paying off accounts payable. The amount of the financial liability under the payable claim will be deemed to have been established in the event, when there is confirmation from the effective law and court order. It is also required to have confirmation from the debtor, that he agrees with all the requirements, directed against him. When the debtor party disputes such claims, the amount of the financial obligation and the obligatory payment will be determined by the representative office of the arbitral tribunal. Not less important will be that of the provisions, which refers to not accepting certain types of obligations from a party from the legislator, which should make payments. So, bankruptcy according to the usual method implies, что определение

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