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13 May, 2021 Ignat Terentyev Strategies 0 EURUSD, H1, a deal to buy on the "hammer" Contrary to the stereotype, popular with novice forex traders, Price Action is not a trading system, and, rather, trading style, based on some candlestick analysis patterns. Himself


Вероятно, я весьма глупый человек. По крайней мере к такому неутешительному выводу я прихожу когда вижу тематику некоторых конференций по трейдингу. Или читаю некоторые статьи.
Я практикую достаточно простые вещи. Еще с момента старта блога, когда я только начал изучать price action до сегодняшних…

Блог Григория Богданова

Crouching tiger

Судя по price action,that is in crouching fashion, и технического паттерна китайского рынка акций, в частности, Шанхай композитный, можно сказать, что техническая картина многообещающая, потенциал может превысить 30%. Правда, не уверен, что фундаментальная картина обосновывает или нет!
Тем не менее, я думаю, что Китай strong buy.

Of course the American teacher for 10 000 $

Caring for the trader — a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received.

price action Price action 2

Price action

 Looks like, that the states are already celebrating and the major players have dispersed to celebrate Thanksgiving. The market is also trying to bring gratitude to investors and judging by the trading volume, sell button sealed, no volumes, beacon atrocities, roast turkeys :))

Show you statement, Georgie!!!!

They took off some of the feet :))))

Divergence MACD

The MACD divergence trading method is very interesting and powerful.. Of course, just take “голую” divergence is not worth it, but in conjunction with its trading rules, it turns out a very strong and profitable system. An example of such a bundle is the price action model. 1-2-3 and divergence MACD Histogram. But first, let's talk about, что же […]

Price action - pattern 1-2-3

I really like this price action model. I often use it in my trading. Conditions: breakout of a trendline lower top in an uptrend, or higher bottom in a downtrend price passage below the previous bottom in an uptrend, or above the previous top in a downtrend At a point 3 reversal is confirmed. I put a stop above / below the point 2 […]

Price Action – analysis of peaks and troughs

I have already written an article about ways to determine the trend.. But today I want to talk about the price action method. – analysis of peaks and troughs, it also worked the old fashioned way and now it works fine. Of course there are many “машинных” methods of determining the trend and the use of indicators, but they are all lagging. The best indicator – this is the price itself.
By looking at any chart, […]

Успехи и провалы: my-trade Успехи и провалы: my-trade, neke, Robert Weinstein, Sol, Szeven, Don Miller 4

Successes and failures: my-trade, some, Robert Weinstein, Sol, Goodbye, Don Miller

Entering a position without a stop. Averaging. Еще одно. Yet. The depot sagged on 75%. First margin, the next day — second… Then — call from broker, который вежливо интересуется, не собираешься ли ты выйти из позиции, because the market will close in two minutes. Эх, memories… To learn from your mistakes — good deed, но жизнь коротка, всех ошибок можно и не успеть совершить, поэтому полезно обратиться к опыту других трейдров.

Support and resistance levels (Pivot Points)

Support and resistance levels can also be determined by pivot levels (pivot points). These levels are also a very powerful tool in defining zones. “increased interest” from the side of bulls and bears.
Как рассчитываются уровни поддержки и сопротивления pivot points?
There are many options for calculating pivot levels. Но самый распространенный это стандартный метод расчета pivot points. The prices of the previous day are taken High, Low и Close. […]

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