Trader's occupational diseases

It's not a secret to anybody, that traders are subject to a number of professional. values. Unbalanced nutrition, constant stress and problems with the spine due to the forced posture in front of the monitor - all these factors are familiar to every second person. Today we decided to talk about the aforementioned problems and discuss ways to solve them on the pages of the fresh review.. Это уже далеко не та идеалистическая профессия свободного и независимого человека с пятизначными доходами в месяц и беззаботной жизнью. Сегодня зарабатывающие трейдеры становятся самим себе, проводя многочисленные часы перед монитором своего ПК. В таких условиях зарабатывать на хлеб насущный адвансерам становится все сложнее и все это происходит в состоянии постоянного нервного напряжения.

12 advice, how to achieve self-control and success

TalentSmart company, developing and evaluating emotional intelligence (EI) - the ability to be aware, понимать, create and manage emotions - presented the results of the latest study based on a survey of more than a million people. It revealed, that people with a high EI live best (90% respondents from among the most successful). The cornerstone is self-control: to achieve success, do not hit with the palm of your hand, but with a tightly clenched fist. It's not easy to learn, and losing self-control is easy. Psychologist Martin Seligman Group (Университет Пенсильвании) asked two million people to distribute 24 their skill or skill in descending order. Self-control is in the very last place.

How to Improve Your Mental Abilities?

  The human brain is an amazing organ. It is the most accessible and at the same time the most complex "device" in the Universe.. Argued, as if we use the capabilities of the brain on everything 5-10%. Neuroscientists have different attitudes to this statement.: someone agrees, and someone is categorically against. But both are unanimous in that, that mental abilities can and should be trained. We offer you several techniques, which will help to "pump" the brain.

Thoughts are stronger than reality. Part 3

6.«Thoughts – these are things» Charles Fillmore
Thoughts – these are things. They create and shape them.
Let's imagine our thoughts as a mountain stream for a moment.

The life-giving river originates high in the mountains, flows down to the valley at its foot and feeds the fields and gardens of your life. It would never occur to you to pour into this wonderful stream […]

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