J. P. Morgan: tech stocks still overvalued

According to the American investment bank, Growth stocks don't look cheap even after they fall. There's Room to Fall J. P. Morgan has calculated: shares of a mid-sized tech company with no earnings over the past five months have fallen by 30%. And fintech papers, who develop financial applications, sank on 40%.

PayPal shares plunged 18% after a weak report and forecast for 2022 year

1 February PayPal released its fourth quarter financial report 2021 of the year. The company reported in line with expectations, but made a weak forecast for the current quarter and 2022 year. In the post-market, shares fell by 18%, to 145 $. Results Performance compared to the fourth quarter 2020 years and analyst forecasts: revenue - 6,92 billion dollars (+13%), forecast - 6,87 billion dollars; adjusted earnings per share — 1,11 $ (+4%), forecast - 1,12 $. PayPal's revenue growth has been slowing for several quarters. One of the reasons is the transition of Ebay to its own payment system.. Marketplace bought by PayPal in 2002 year for making payments on the site. IN 2015 the companies split, and now they are gradually ending their cooperation. According to PayPal, inflation, that keeps consumer spending down, and problems with the supply chain also negatively affected revenue. The growth of the user base has also slowed down.. IN 2020 year the company added 72,7 million active users, in 2021 — 48,9 million. According to PayPal, in 2022 year the number of active users will increase by 15-20 million. Number of active users and year-on-year dynamics, million people 4Q2019 305 (+14%) 1к2020 325 (+17%) 2к2020 346 (+21%) 3к2020 361 (+22%) 4к2020 377 (+24%) 1к2021 392 (+21%) 2к2021 403 (+16%) 3к2021 416 (+15%) 4к2021 426 (+13%) 305 (+14%) Transaction volume and year-on-year dynamics, billion dollars …

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Stripe, Revol, Reddit and others: most anticipated IPOs 2022 of the year

TutorialComparison Community Mortgage Credit History Tests Spending Diary Tax Deduction WriteTutorialComparator Community Investing Business Legal Analysis Spending Diary Calculators Travel Medical & Health Tests Real EstateView All Investor News22.12174 Stripe, Revol, Reddit and others: most anticipated IPOs 2022 of the year According to analyst firm Morningstar, in 2021, one and a half thousand companies went public. Roblox became public, Coinbase, Robinhood and other issuers. But who can raise capital next year, according to MarketWatch. Instacart: missed the IPO party, when during quarantine many began to order food at home. Unlike DoorDash, which went public exactly one year ago, Instacart postpones IPO and focuses on business growth. Fiji Simo was appointed head of the company in summer, who previously led the development and launch of new products at Facebook for ten years. According to MKM Partners, usually new leaders need from 9 to 12 Months, to take the company public. Probably, Instacart will be able to conduct an IPO in the second half of 2022. The last time the company attracted private investment was in March 2021.. Then Instacart was valued at $39 billion. And not a fact, that the company will justify such …

Stripe, Revol, Reddit and others: most anticipated IPOs 2022 of the year Read more

Trading results in November: investors bought Alibaba and forgot about Virgin Galactic

SPb-Exchange summed up the results of stock trading in November. Looks like, investors took advantage of the decline in Alibaba shares and increased their share in their portfolios. But the fallen papers of Virgin Galactic do not want to buy. Tesla, Nvidia and Moderna are the most popular Investors traded 1661 issuers in November.

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