Paul Tudor Jones

The best bonuses for fund workers on Wall Street

Жизнь “buyers” on Wall Street is much better, than “sellers”. Hedge fund employees have higher pay and shorter hours, than those of investment bankers. Besides, the funds do not have a mandatory dress code and offer such benefits and privileges (from three free meals a day to a vacation at the expense of a company in the Bahamas), you can only dream of.

Paul Tudor Jones / Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones II was born 28 September 1954 years in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Paul Jones graduated from the University of Memphis, and later at the University of Virginia, he received a degree in economics. IN 1976 year quite successfully participated in the boxing championship in welterweight. He started his business career at 1976 year from the position of a clerk and soon grew to a broker at E.F. Hutton». With 1980 for two and a half years Paul was an independent trader. Then he went to Harvard Business School, but soon realized, something, what is taught in this school is not the same knowledge, which he wants to get. Therefore, he abandoned the idea of ​​further education and asked for support and advice from his relative, William Danawant., specialized in cotton trade. William Danavant sent him to New Orleans, what would Jones talk to and big broker Eli Tallis, who offered him a pretty good job. Джонс начинает

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