Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrency Trading. Features and tricks

2017 the year was marked by exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, whose dynamics amaze the imagination. Many in the past year were once again convinced that, that the profitability of investments in new assets is often more attractive than the results of investing in shares of even the most successful companies. The prospects for obtaining significant profit on invested funds attract more and more new participants to the cryptocurrency market, including famous players in the world of traditional finance.

Mark Douglas - Reason over the Market (interview)

From the translator: Greetings! We offer you a translation of an interview with Mark Douglas, an experienced trader and a professional in the field of trading psychology, автором книг «Зональный трейдинг» и «Дисциплинированный трейдер», That, sure, many are familiar. Mark will tell us about, what is important to avoid in trading, what to strive for psychologically, and also describes the human component of the price movement. I wish you pleasant reading and a successful trading week.!

Flag Pattern - Continue Explosive Movement

We continue to publish material from the archives. Explosive movement is indicated by the speed and dynamics of movement.. Ie. When 20$ stock moves up 70 cents and more, behind 1-2 minutes. This setup can be traded long, so in shorts. Beginners should focus on trading longs. This pattern usually develops, because hot news is coming out. Consequently, the market has little impact on this pattern.. What does this type of movement look like on a chart? On the 1 minute chart, you will see a large vertical explosive bar. The following 1-3 bar will be much smaller. If, after an explosive movement, the stock has a small pullback and begins to move in a small range, then in most cases, after this range, the stock will go up. You should never enter a trade on an explosive vertical bar. Wait for that moment, when the stock calms down and begins to consolidate. This will give you the best risk to reversal ratio.. This pattern indicates a strong upward momentum. Usually, this setup is entered by a market order at …

Flag Pattern - Continue Explosive Movement Read more fundamental and technical indicators in the stock filter

On the home page, you can see the charts and values ​​of three popular US indices: Dow Jones, NASDAQ, SP 500. There is also a brief filter information on stocks., futures, currency pairs, latest news. All information is conveniently divided into blocks. Above all information is a menu bar, for a trader, the most interesting tab is the Screener for searching stocks by fundamental and technical indicators of stocks.


There was a Golden Cockerel pattern, he laid the golden eggs. Then he transformed into an ostrich, who stuck his head in the sand and & quot; Alexander Borodach" took the opportunity" and now the pattern has formed again, which reminds me of something. Maybe an ostrich transformed into a dinosaur, they are like relatives ! ?:)

The night Watch

The daily SPX chart has formed the right shoulder, which can be characterized as EVENING STAR .
According to the theoretical research of Bulkovsky

Theoretical performance: Bearish reversal
Tested performance: Bearish reversal 72% of the time
Frequency rank: 71
Overall performance rank: 4
Best percentage meeting price target: 50% (bull market, up breakout)
Best average move in 10 days: 8.77% (bear market, up breakout)
Best 10-day performance rank: 4 (bear market, up breakout)
All ranks are out of 103 candlestick patterns with the top performer ranking 1. "Best" means the highest rated of the four combinations of bull/bear market, up/down breakouts


The camel doesn't like to keep his neck outstretched, the higher he pulls it, those are stronger " плевок" :)))
And long wanderings in the endless expanses of deserts without water are also excluded..

Technical analysis

Technical analysis again " не сработал" And ,certainly, breaking zone 2-5 July, which I spoke about long ago,  too " didn't work ''.
AND , certainly,  найдутся те, кто скажет "  well, you yourself made money on this?".
Firstly, in terms of technical analytics ,this is one aspect.
As for trading, this is another aspect.
Yes, I bought in the zone 2-5 July, did much- No, but did enough. Underestimated the power of the rebound -YES.

Thought, that someone will notice

Thought, that somebody will notice this technical formation, о которой я ранее упоминал. They, who have been following my notes for a long time must say for sure. Besides, the formation itself has a clear bias.
I will quote again, I hope they will answer me what I call the pattern, highlighted in black lines

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