How to tune your brain for success with neuroscience

The secret to success boils down to, to train your brain to achieve desired goals. Какие системы мозга задействованы в достижении успеха Ретикулярная активирующая система Она представляет собой сеть нейронных цепей, connecting the brain stem to the cortex. RAS serves as a kind of filter for a huge amount of information, находящейся в подсознании. When information flows through the RAS, it gets into the big brain and there it turns into a thought or feeling. Moreover, the filter allows only that information, what is important to us at the moment. So,, the more you think about your goals, the more the subconscious mind will work to achieve them. This is why it is so important to write down your goals., visualize the desired result and engage in self-hypnosis regularly! This will help focus your subconscious mind on, what is important to you. Ruben Gonzalez (Ruben gonzalez), author of the book "The Courage to Achieve Success"

Joshua Foer about, how not to forget anything

Writer Joshua Foer 7 лет назад побывал на чемпионате США по запоминанию в качестве журналиста, а спустя год уже стал его победителем. He presented his study of memory in detail in the book "Walking on the Moon with Einstein". T&P publish a transcript of Foer's lecture, в которой он утверждает, что запомнить порядок карт в колоде может любой человек.

How to improve memory. 5 simple exercises.

More and more complaints of memory impairment. Болезнь Альцгеймера (memory disorder) progressing every year, and begins to appear at an earlier age. Это не удивительно, because today there are so many services that remember for us. But the brain is like muscles — no load only gets weaker. Fortunately, brain training is much easier than muscle training.. Here 5 simple exercises. 1. Attention training. When watching a movie, try to pay attention not only to the essence, but also to the smallest details, for example on clothes, small interior details. Try to remember as many small details as possible when going to work or school.. And you don't need to try to remember everything at once.. Pay attention to the left side one day, to another on the second floors of houses, on the third day on the lawn, etc.. I think you will be surprised, как много вы не замечали.

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