Jesse Livermore / Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore – great trader started 20 century. One of the earliest trend traders. Among traders and investors Jesse Livermore was known by the nicknames "Young Grip" (Boy Plunger) and "Miracle baby" (Wonder Boy). He became famous for winning and losing millions of fortunes during the stock market crises. 1907 And 1929 years. Jesse Livermore was born in Massachusetts, in a family of farmers, and left home at fifteen, to later become a great trader (according to legend stagecoach, where he left, stopped near a brokerage office, defining the profession of a young man). His mother supported him, unwilling son, per year completed a three-year mathematics course, farmer's fate, father was against. At his first job in Boston, Jesse Livermore wrote quotes on the board at the brokerage office of Payne Webber.