How to stop being lazy and become a plus trader

Tell about yourself, что вы ленивый, is to find an excuse, to do nothing. “I would do X, but I don’t want something. Что поделать, I'm so lazy ". Можно подумать, that laziness is an incurable disease, or character trait, запрограммированная в вашем ДНК. If you believe deep down, that it is impossible to get rid of laziness, it would be illogical to try to do anything about it. However, laziness is not a permanent character trait.. We must try to get rid of her, and this section will just help you with this. Laziness is an ability, which you learned (never mind, хорошо или плохо). You have become capable of doing something else.. Have learned to watch TV for a long time or sleep a lot, instead of, чтобы собраться и больше работать над своей торговой стратегией. Вместо того чтобы научиться заниматься продуктивной деятельностью, you have learned to be lazy - and you, надо полагать, it works great.