#Morning_review 06.05.2021

​​#morning_view 06.05.2021 Market dynamics at the moment (futures): S&P 500: +0.05% (4162 P.) Nasdaq: -0.16% (13470 P.)See more Dow Jones: +0.09% (13502 P.) Gold: +0.39% ($1791) Brent crude oil: +0.28% ($69.16) Yesterday, all three indices finished the day in different directions: S&P 500 grew up on 0.07%, Dow Jones на 0.29%, and the Nasdaq fell on 0.30%.

Algo stock quotes for trader and investor: where to find and how to download? Free

Many were upset, when Yahoo.Finance closed all loopholes to get free stock quotes not too long ago, but to everyone's happiness, there are already alternatives to free data where you can find them. This time we will download a free daily history from the IEX exchange for ~ 8 thousand US assets in about ~ 2 minutes. Will help us with this Python 2.7. And Roman Shchegolikhin will tell. Inquiring minds on the exchange website can find free tick history for previous ones 10 months in pcap format (tcpdump).


Layering – this is a high frequency trading strategy, where does the trader do, and then cancels orders, which they never intend to carry out in the hope of influencing the share price. For example, to buy shares at a lower price, the trader first places orders to sell at or below the market price High Frequency Trading, depending on the strategies used, has a different effect on the market condition. Some of them are draining liquidity from the market, other – add liquidity to the market. Many of them are the cause of sudden unexpected movements in market quotations., and also generate new borderline methods of unethical, and sometimes illegal income generation on stock exchanges. Such a controversial practice is the layering method., the essence of which is to create the possibility of artificially shifting the quotations of purchases and sales of securities in order to force the rest of the exchange market participants to make a profitable deal for the manipulator.

Results of the Cryptomarket 2018 of the year : the most important events of the outgoing year

2018 the year has become difficult for the cryptocurrency market. Cost records, sharp corrections, temporary market stabilization – it all made both critics, and adherents of cryptocurrencies with interest to watch what is happening. Что важного произошло на рынке в 2018? Banks against cryptocurrencies Already at the beginning 2018 years, traditional financial institutions began to limit the opportunities for market participants. Many banks from different countries began to refuse to service the accounts of cryptocurrency companies. Besides, Visa payment system stopped serving large European cryptocurrency companies. Ordinary customers of many banks have lost the ability to buy digital assets using payment cards. Such a ban was introduced by the largest banks from the USA, Uk, Canada and Australia.

VanEck and SolidX Submit Joint Application to Launch Bitcoin ETF

Two New York firms, who have tried unsuccessfully in the past to get permission from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to open OTC investment bitcoin funds, decided to join forces, by filing a joint application to launch a regulated cryptocurrency ETF. Об этом сообщает Wall Street Journal. The corresponding application was filed with the SEC on Wednesday, 6 June. New ETF named VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust and will be insured against theft and loss of access to funds. It will also be linked to a new index from Van Eck, which, instead of exchanges, will collect the bitcoin price from US-based OTC (OTC) platforms. The relatively high price of VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust shares is also noteworthy - their size, as stated in the application, set at $200 000. Thus, we can conclude, that the new ETF will primarily target institutional, not retail investors. This was confirmed by the CEO of SolidX Dan Gallancy., reminded, that SEC representatives have repeatedly expressed concern, that cryptocurrency …

VanEck and SolidX Submit Joint Application to Launch Bitcoin ETF Read more

US stock market review: Главные новости 28.01.2018

Top news for the upcoming week of the US stock market: Apple report (NASDAQ: AAPL ) . Investors want to know the impact of iPhone X on revenue. Alphabet report (GOOG, GOOGL) . Interested in other company revenue options Facebook report (NASDAQ:FB). Monthly Active User Statistics Amazon Report (NASDAQ:AMZN). New Year Sales Statistics FOMC Meeting

10 useful sites for a trader

1. Finviz Finviz.com — один из лучших сайтов для отбора акций, торгующихся на биржах NYSE, NASDAQ и AMEX. Здесь можно настроить фильтр акций по своим параметрам и отбирать бумаги по биржам, industries, sectors and other characteristics. 2. Yahoo Finance И Finance Google На Finance.yahoo можно найти профиль компании, price history, financial indicators, Analytics, data on institutional investors, etc.. 3. TD Ameritrade На Research.tdameritrade можно увидеть изменения финансовых показателей по годам и кварталам, which makes it easier to search and gives access to several periods at once.

Government Regulatory Authorities in the United States

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of the market is achieved by government agencies and the joint efforts of four key groups (SEC, NASD, SIPC and FOMC), which together form then, what's in the stock market – regulating pyramid. Nobody regulates themselves so rigidly and thoroughly, like the stock market. Strict standards and requirements for professional bidders, an extensive system of regulatory services of the US authorities – all these are measures of control over the activities of participants.

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