Survey : What information resources do you read about trading

Просьба написать все информационные ресурсы которые вы читаете по трейдингу. Blogs Internet – sites Newspapers TV programs Radio, etc. The more different and interesting resources you write, the better, from RBC programs to your friend's small blog. Уделите 5 minutes, very necessary :) P.S. Скоро будет много интересного и неожиданного


Время от времени, I run polls on the blog. I noticed long ago, that people often choose extreme values, untrue, but desired, or expected by us. For trading, this is not a very good quality. That's why, I will summarize sometimes. Maybe, it will help someone to draw some conclusions about themselves. Well, I'm also wondering, in terms of statistics “угадываний”, or, назовем это, “sober outlook on life”.

so, second april, there was the next poll
Specially, did not choose strong deviations, 15-20%, but almost sure, there would be those, who voted for such items, and not just for fun.
The closing of the second April was 1480,17, closing today – 1436,04. The decrease in the index is slightly more 3%. Correctly answered 22%, who took part in the survey. Voters' nicknames are visible.

Discount rate increase???

Indexes reached interesting levels, и нефть, By the way, too. And suddenly, Fed meeting 5 April, 21.30 Moscow time. What will they decide there?…
Be you a major player, would organize an upward movement on Monday, in order to encourage people to make purchases, and unloading part of the portfolio, or just took a wait and see attitude?


Chasing futures on small timeframes and losing several thousand, mainly due to stops and incorrect analysis of the situation, decided to return to my favorite 30-minute. I will glance for 15 minutes sometimes. The eye is blurred, great tension, the illusion of strong bursts or movements, а по сутишум, or breakdown of stops. And, miscalculating goals, you enter the deal because of a trifle, and a big movement you can easily yawn. А скорее всего, just not mine…

Survey result : Where do you trade

Expected a lot less visitors who trade on the NYSE, it turns out there are traders of American stock exchanges in russia, this is very pleasing and there is someone to write to.

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