определение тренда

Price Action – analysis of peaks and troughs

I have already written an article about ways to determine the trend.. But today I want to talk about the price action method. – analysis of peaks and troughs, it also worked the old fashioned way and now it works fine. Of course there are many “машинных” methods of determining the trend and the use of indicators, but they are all lagging. The best indicator – this is the price itself.
By looking at any chart, […]

Defining a trend

Identifying the trend and trading with the trend are key success factors in trading. This article will help you better identify the trend., understand its essence and possibilities of use.
Like a trader, you, probably, heard the old wisdom, what is better to trade in the direction of the trend. As they say: “trend – your friend“. This – wise advice, if you realize, that the trend might end. AND […]

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