Internet as a way to make money or relax

Today, computer games are one of the most popular ways to relax.. Это не удивительно, because they open the doors to the world, full of adventure, great opportunities, most interesting events. A great impetus to the distribution of games was given not only by realistic graphics and an increase in the player's capabilities, but also the presence of the Internet. The internet gave rise to multiplayer games, which unite millions of users around the world. Certainly, initially, such games assumed minimal graphic effects, lack of dynamics (some even featured a card system), but they were interesting anyway, because the player understood, that now there is a living person on the other side of the screen, capable of an unexpected or foolish step. Современные онлайн игры – these are new opportunities, динамика, a wide range of genres and trends. At the same time, live communication has been preserved in them., community of interests, competition. One of the most popular online games in the domestic space is the project “Fight club” на русском языке. The meaning of the gameplay here rests on the conduct and participation in battles.. Персонаж имеет массу

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