How to determine the real value of a business?

The value of the enterprise includes the liquidation price of the equipment, market or cadastral valuation of real estate, as well as the amount of total income for the current period. Usually a business appraisal procedure is carried out to sell it., залога, in case of liquidation due to bankruptcy of the enterprise or before the introduction of a new approach in the field of management decisions. This will require special knowledge.. Undoubtedly, so that the assessment of the enterprise is objective, it is necessary to use the services of independent experts. In Russian conditions, turnover may not always reflect the real income of the business owner, since it may not take into account, for example, издержки, which are individual for each enterprise. The main factor in determining the value of an organization is its net profit.. This is that real money, which the owner can remove from the enterprise. Here is exactly the amount provided, which the owner of the business earns on a monthly basis after paying taxes and salaries to employees. Along with the profit of the enterprise, it can also include the salary of the owner as a general director. Also, the assessment of the enterprise's business takes into account another important indicator – time, на протяжении которого

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