How to lose a million, having everything 45000 (Carefully! BCS!)

I can't help but repost. I love our courts and brokerage firms in the Russian Federation. Откуда *** such sentences are taken. I am writing for the first time, don't kick hard. Can you tell me what else you can do, what steps to take?? How to give a million, having only 45,000 ... Peculiarities of Russian Internet Trading. How? - Ask the broker for a Zero Guarantee on the index. - Want to? The post is especially interesting for topics, who trades on the exchange. You are an experienced trader? Диверсифицируете риски? Use money management? Волны Эллиота? Martingale? Tehanalysis? It doesn't matter ... Tomorrow to 13:00 by MSK you owe your broker in 20 times more than your depot ... Exactly so ... You did not drain, Вы просто должны… Это лично моя история. I decided to share. It will be VERY useful and interesting., because, not even basic, and specific risks in online trading are possible and I fell under this risk. I have not leaked the account. I started trading with 2006 of the year, left and periodically returned to this project. I am from Krasnoyarsk. Small business entrepreneur. Решил попробовать

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