5 years in the us stock market (NYSE). Part 1

Today exactly 5 years since I made my first trade in the US Stock Market (NYSE) . It was in 2008 year 8th January. Traded on the first day 600 shares and -20 bucks. Unfortunately, all transactions with 11 January and what then traded is not known, but it doesn't matter anymore :) A little bit about yourself : Now I am almost 25 years. Studied as a programmer in college, left the last year of Economics. I am a managing partner of GT Capital Group. More 7 I have been trading for years. Nick: Good_trade I blog Day Trading on NYSE Plans for 2013 year: Invest in Education Invest in a trading robot in Russia Create a robot in the USA Establish a hedge fund at the end of the year Reach a new level in trading How it all began :