NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 03.10.2016

● Крушение биржи Саудовской Аравии продолжается ● Американский автопроизводитель Tesla Motors Co. sold in the III quarter 24,5 thousand. electric vehicles – on 70% more, than in the II quarter, and twice as much, than in the III quarter 2015 G. (11,58 thousand. auto). Минувший квартал стал рекордным для Tesla по объему продаж ● Apple оштрафована на $300 million for FaceTime. Court sentenced, that Apple violated the rights to two VirnetX patents: one of them refers to the FaceTime application used for video calls, the second - to the system of individual delivery of television programs and films to the subscriber via the digital network (VoD).

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 30.09.2016

● Income of the US population in August 2016 G. rose to 0,2% по сравнению с предыдущим месяцем, according to the data of the ministry of trade of the country. ● Lexmark International Inc stock price. (NYSE: LXK) подскочил на 13% at premarket on friday after, how US regulators approved the buyout of the company by a consortium of Chinese investors.

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