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With a new trade!

Illness knocked me down before the holidays. Swallowed wheels and picked up snot ): Already feel better, it will be over soon…

In the meantime, the new year has come. Definitely and irrevocably. With which I congratulate you all! I am absolutely sure, that this year will be much more productive than the previous one, there is not a single reason for that, to be somehow different.

Regarding markets, at the end of 2008, I wrote myself a simple three-point plan: & quot; do not lose & quot;, & quot; earn stable" and `` squeeze to the maximum ''. By the end of 2009, I stopped losing. Certainly, two months — rather statistical deviation, but, Nevertheless, I began to understand how to achieve this. For this year, the plans remain the same.

Before the holidays managed to upgrade the beech. Then, since all previous efforts have died with the screw, updated informer (cm. last comments). Reconfigured the server to monitor the account. Removed indicators from monitoring, put the equity graph instead (синенькая) and balance (зелёненькая). Now I'm looking at how I spent most of the time in the red, and at the first opportunity fixed the profit, which is usually not more than the maximum drawdown of the position… Think… (:

И вот оно, начало. You can trade again, the holidays are over. First of all, I decided to check how it all works.. Turned out not as it should.

So I opened a position. In the screenshot -2.71% from the opening, it is clear that equity (синенькая) below balance (зелёненькой), but opening levels, тейков, no stops visible.

The position is already in positive territory (9.75%). Equity over balance. Still no levels visible.

I have finally adjusted the indicator. You can see the level from which he shorted. Target visible: take profit level.

And here it is., instead of, to add to a profitable position, I'm out of old habit, закрываюсь ):

Then another small scalp and that's it.

Despite all the technicality and sane goals, didn't really sell anything.

And than, by the way, I have not taken a good trade. But there is nothing to be distracted! Got down to business — делай (:

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