Investors are more aggressive in selling stocks after bad reports

Investors are more aggressive in selling stocks after bad reports

According to investment company Jefferies, investors began to sell shares of companies more aggressively, who reported worse than experts' expectations. Seems, high stock market valuation leaves no room for error. Continue reading “Инвесторы агрессивнее распродают акции после неудачных отчетов”

Beyond Meat's loss nearly tripled. After the report, the shares fell by 19%

Производитель искусственного мяса Beyond Meat сообщил о росте убытков в третьем квартале 2021 of the year, also gave a weak outlook for the fourth quarter. On the postmarket, the company's shares fell by 19%, to 77 $.

Beyond Meat almost triples its quarterly net loss year-over-year, with 19 to 55 million dollars. Continue reading “Убыток Beyond Meat вырос почти в три раза. После отчета акции упали на 19%”

Disney reports weak growth in Disney + subscribers

Медиакомпания Disney опубликовала финансовые результаты за четвертый квартал 2021 of the year. Disney+ streaming service subscribers up less, than analysts expected. Total revenue was also lower than expected: 18,5 against 18,8 billion dollars. After the report, Disney shares fell by 5%, to 166 $.

Disney has two operating segments. Here are the results for each.

"Media and entertainment"

По сравнению с предыдущим, третьим кварталом количество подписчиков Disney+ увеличилось на 2 million, with 116 to 118 million. Analysts were expecting, что на сервис подпишется примерно 9 million new users. For comparison: в третьем квартале число подписчиков выросло на 12 million.

Disney warned of slower growth back in September. The company said, that due to the spread of the coronavirus there were disruptions in the production of content, so the service has nothing to attract new customers.

Among other things, Disney+ growth was affected by the easing of quarantine restrictions. People are spending more time outside the home., for example travel. Airbnb posted a strong third quarter report last week.: revenue increased by 36 And 67% relatively 2019 And 2020 years. The company expects, that in the near future the demand for short-term rental housing will continue to recover.

Disney еще раз подтвердила свою долгосрочную цель — набрать 230—260 млн подписчиков Disney+ к 2024 year. According to the company, экспансия на зарубежные рынки и новый контент помогут достичь этой цели.

Общее число подписчиков Disney с учетом сервисов ESPN+ и Hulu в конце квартала составило 179 million. Streaming revenue increased by 38%, to 4,6 billion dollars. Операционный убыток увеличился с 374 to 630 million dollars.

License revenue increased by 9%, to 2 billion dollars: компания выпустила в прокат больше фильмов, than a year ago. For example, в этом квартале вышли «Черная вдова», «Главный герой» и «Шан-Чи». Из-за расходов на рекламу и продвижение будущих фильмов операционный убыток этого направления составил 65 million dollars. Год назад прибыль составила 86 million.

Выручка в сегменте «Медиа и развлечения», million dollars

A television6698 (−4%)
Streaming4560 (+38%)
Licenses2047 (+9%)

6698 (−4%)

«Парки и потребительские товары»

Disney Parks Increase Traffic Due To Eased Restrictions And Increased Vaccinations. В течение квартала все парки были открыты. Compared to last year, revenue here has doubled, to 5,5 billion dollars. Операционная прибыль в сегменте составила 640 млн долларов — против убытка в 945 million a year earlier.

See also 8 November, the USA opened the borders for vaccinated travelers from other countries. Впервые с марта прошлого года. В компании считают, что это также позитивно скажется на посещаемости парков.

Выручка в сегменте «Парки и потребительские товары», million dollars

Парки и развлечения4166 (+196%)
Товары и сувениры1284 (−3%)

4166 (+196%)

Coinbase reports worse than expected. Stock exchange shares fell by 13%

Криптобиржа Coinbase отчиталась за третий квартал 2021 of the year, which ended 30 September. Compared to the previous quarter, trading volume on the platform decreased, and the company's revenue was below analysts' expectations. On the postmarket, COIN shares fell by 13%, to 310 $.

Выручка Coinbase составила 1,2 billion dollars. Continue reading “Coinbase отчиталась хуже ожиданий. Акции биржи упали на 13%”

Tesla Stock, Alibaba and Facebook are the most popular among Russian investors

St. Petersburg Stock Exchange has summed up the results of trading in foreign shares in October. Here's how key operating numbers have changed since September:

  • объем сделок — 31 billion dollars (+15,3%);
  • число клиентских счетов — 16 million (+8,5%);
  • число уникальных клиентов — 11 million (+8,9%);
  • число активных счетов — 845 thousand (+2,4%).

В октябре инвесторы торговали акциями и депозитарными расписками 1626 foreign companies. Here are the most popular ones.

Tesla. 21 October, the auto company reported record revenue and profit for the quarter. Revenue amounted to 13,8 billion dollars (+57%), net profit — 1,6 billion dollars (+389%). Компания собрала 238 thousand cars (+64%), а продала — 241 thousand (+73%).

25 октября компания по прокату автомобилей Hertz заявила о покупке 100 тысяч электрокаров Tesla на сумму в 4,2 billion dollars. After that, Tesla shares rose by 13%, with 910 to 1025 $, and capitalization exceeded a trillion dollars. In total, in October, the company's shares rose by 56%, with 775 to 1208 $.

Already in November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, that Hertz hurried with the announcement: "The contract has not yet been signed. Demand for Tesla exceeds supply, so we will supply our vehicles to Hertz at the same price, as ordinary buyers". Probably, the parties are still discussing the details and timing of the deal.

Alibaba. 4 October, Alibaba share price fell to 140 $ - the minimum for the last three years. Stocks started to fall a year ago, when the Chinese authorities called the company a monopoly. Позже правительство выписало штраф Alibaba на 2,8 billion dollars. So during the year, the company's shares fell by about 50%.

IN 2021 году Китай вмешался в работу других компаний вроде DiDi, TAL и Tencent. Все это негативно сказалось на акциях, в том числе Alibaba. So, индекс Nasdaq Golden Dragon China, куда входят акции торгующихся на бирже США китайских компаний, since the beginning of the year fell by 30%.

Beginning with 5 October, Alibaba securities began to rise. Became known, that Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's partner, увеличил долю акций компании в своем портфеле. А через две недели Alibaba представила собственный процессор, который будет использовать в своих облачных дата-центрах. Alibaba shares rose by 12%, with 148 to 165 $.

Facebook. 4 октября сервисы Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Disconnected Due to Hardware Failures. A day earlier, a former employee of the company publicly accused the social network of unfair efforts to combat disinformation and incitement to hatred.. During the day, Facebook shares fell by 5%, to 326 $.

26 October, Facebook reported the growth of quarterly revenue by 35%. According to the company, новая политика конфиденциальности в iOS 14 негативно повлияла на доход с рекламы. Прогноз выручки в следующем квартале оказался ниже ожиданий аналитиков, and Facebook shares fell by 5%, to 312 $.

В конце месяца компания объявила о смене названия с Facebook на Meta. Так она хочет подчеркнуть свои амбиции в разработке «метавселенной» — виртуального пространства, where several people can communicate at the same time, work and play.

Со слов главы компании Марка Цукерберга, metaverse will work on virtual reality headsets, game consoles and smartphones: "I hope, if everything going to be good, in the next five years or so we will be considered not a social network., and the company is the developer of the metaverse".

During October, Facebook / Meta shares fell by about 5%, with 339 to 324 $.

Лидеры по объему торгов в процентах от общего

Virgin Galactic2,9%


Companies, занимающие наибольшую долю в портфелях инвесторов, в процентах от общего объема денег

Virgin Galactic2,7%
Freedom Holdings2,2%


Bundle of investment news: index problems and robot trucks

In S&P 500 companies, may be, added for money. In the US people get fired not because, that the economy is bad, and therefore, that it grows and changes. TuSimple is close to world domination.

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean a comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Continue reading “Пачка инвестновостей: проблемы индексов и роботы-грузовики”

Pfizer Tablet, Airbnb sales record and collapse of Moderna and Peloton shares

Late last week, 4 And 5 november, a lot of interesting things happened in the stock market: one of the pharmaceutical companies has developed an effective cure for coronavirus, tourism companies report good sales, and some last year's beneficiaries disappointed investors. Continue reading “Таблетка Pfizer, рекорд продаж Airbnb и крах акций Moderna и Peloton”

Bed Bath Promotions & Beyond rose by 90%

Chain of retail stores for home goods Bed Bath & Beyond issued several positive press releases at once. The company announced the launch of the marketplace, cooperation with the Kroger supermarket chain and aggressive buyback. Looks like, users of the Reddit forum liked the retailer's initiatives. Continue reading “Акции Bed Bath & Beyond за день выросли на 90%”

More 90% active funds lag behind the index at a long distance

Asset fund managers say this: it is difficult to overtake the index in a boring market. Another thing, when the economy is changing rapidly, and the markets are volatile. Then, due to the point selection of stocks, managers are ready to destroy index funds. Начиная с марта 2020 года у них был такой шанс. Didn't work out. Continue reading “Более 90% активных фондов отстают от индекса на длинной дистанции”

Bundle of investment news: division of Amazon and Shell, couriers with convictions

Why Amazon should split into two companies? Why Shell shouldn't split into two companies? How convicts affect the US labor market?

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean a comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Since all issuers are from the USA, then all results in dollars. Continue reading “Пачка инвестновостей: division of Amazon and Shell, курьеры с судимостями”