Rating of nootropics traders

Attention: This presentation has been translated and based entirely on cumulative and subjective experience.. The survey was conducted for research and educational purposes. It is highly recommended not to make a decision based on these datasets.. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before taking any of these substances., otherwise, you may experience problems with your mental health. Specified dosages, most likely will be inaccurate, it is strongly recommended not to make an independent decision without the consent of a qualified medical specialist.

Researching nootropics or speeding up the brain

As a Habr subscriber, I really like to read articles in the GTD hub and about how people try to cope with the difficulties of organizing life and optimizing life processes that arise in their lives.. Someone even writes about successful tricks., invented by them or gleaned from various sources. В большинстве же, I think, similar articles are written on the wave of delight from the results obtained from the new method, but over time, the wave subsides and you have to look for new options. Сам я, just like many other people, subject to similar wave processes. But in my life I noticed one phenomenon in the human body, expressed in the fact, that most of the negative effects of life, be it procrastination, apathy, депрессия и пр., occur against the background of disturbances within the brain processes. Such disorders can be triggered by various reasons - from physical head injury to concussion (as in my case) before the negative impact of the environment. All these violations can occur in a mild form and a person, …

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