newfield exploration

NFX : Newfield Exploration

NFX : Newfield Exploration Компания: Newfield Exploration Co. Economy sector: Basic materials Industry: Independent Oil & Gas Abbreviated name: NFX US industry has a special place in the international division of labor. Diverse Industries Newfield Exploration Co. Basic NFX Materials, provision of various raw materials and qualified personnel, highly developed research base has allowed the American industry to ensure the mass production of a variety of serial products and the release of unique devices and equipment for both internal, and for the world market. Over the past two decades in the US manufacturing industry, Newfield Exploration Co. Basic materials NFX increased the share of knowledge-intensive industries of mechanical engineering and metalworking, chemical, нефтеперераба­тывающей, petrochemical industry. The role of traditionally important industries has decreased – металлургии, light and food industry, производства строительных материалов.

Day trading for 9 May

The previous week was kind of boring for me. There were no particular ideas for trading, 2 days because of this I did not trade at all. There were no interesting deals and ended at zero. LXU : LSB Industries NFX : Newfield Exploration Co Traded Citigroup a Little More , he was split yesterday 1 to 10 . But somehow to zero all transactions on it. There is no particular idea for trading now, I trade very selectively and rarely.

Daytrading – May 9

Last week was what for me is boring. Especially any ideas for a trade was not for 2 days because of this, no selling. Interesting deals was not and ended at zero. LXU : LSB Industries NFX : Newfield Exploration Co A little more to trade Citigroup, its splitanuli yesterday 1 to 10. But how then to zero, all transactions on it. Especially the idea to trade right now no deal in a very selective and rare.

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