Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Black Swan. Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Summary of the book

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Black Swan Under the sign of unpredictability Review As noted by literary critic Harold Bloom, Hamlet's trouble was not that, that he thought too much, and in that, that he thought too well and therefore lost the opportunity to indulge himself with illusions. The same can be said of the philosopher., writer and stock trader Nassim Nicholas Talebe. He is extremely skeptical of overconfident financial gurus., investment analysts, hedge fund presidents, Wall Street bankers, Nobel laureates in economics and other authorities, claiming to be able to predict the future. According to Taleb, the mistake of all these people is, that they do not take into account the "black swans" - by this term the author denotes extremely important, but extremely unlikely events, which is almost impossible to foresee. Bright, the individual style and literary talent of the author could not overshadow the entire unorthodox of his views. The result is exciting, controversial, a memorable book on the role of randomness and unpredictability in human life. Taleb created a powerful …

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