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The most famous personalities in the history of the stock market

Larry Williams (Larry Williams) Larry Williams is one of the most famous and successful traders. One of his most outstanding accomplishments was winning the Robbins Cup Futures Trading Championship. (Robbins World Cup of Championship of Futures Trading). He managed to earn in one year $1 147 000, with an initial capital of $10 000, which amounted to more 10000% per annum. He is the author of the book “Long-term secrets of short-term trading”. In his book, he describes the best technical indicators and original methods of technical analysis.. He also offers readers an in-depth analysis of the most effective short-term trading strategies and describes in detail the theory and practice of money management.. Larry Williams Reveals the Basics of Short-Term Trading, advantages and disadvantages of this so fruitful, but still a potentially dangerous activity. George Soros (George Soros) George Soros is a famous American billionaire financier, who is engaged in investment business. He wrote books: “Voting for democracy”, “Soviet system: towards an open society”, “The Alchemy of Finance”, hedge funds established “Quota”, “Quantum immersion …

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