Government Regulatory Authorities in the United States

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of the market is achieved by government agencies and the joint efforts of four key groups (SEC, NASD, SIPC and FOMC), which together form then, what's in the stock market — regulating pyramid. Nobody regulates themselves so rigidly and thoroughly, like the stock market. Strict standards and requirements for professional bidders, an extensive system of regulatory services of the US authorities — all these are measures of control over the activities of participants.

42 year of the NASDAQ stock exchange

8 February 1971 the first electronic stock exchange NASDAQ was launched. At that time, stocks were traded on it. 250 companies. The Nasdaq Composite was set at 100. The history of the stock exchange dates back to 1968 year, when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) decided to organize an automated securities trading market. Thanks to the growth of the US economy in 1989-2000 years, as well as the rapid development of information technology, the exchange developed rapidly, and the number of transactions increased significantly. NASDAQ OMX ranks second in the world after NYSE Euronext in terms of capitalization of traded companies (about $4,6 trillion at the end 2012 of the year).

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