12 advice, how to achieve self-control and success

TalentSmart company, developing and evaluating emotional intelligence (EI) - the ability to be aware, понимать, create and manage emotions - presented the results of the latest study based on a survey of more than a million people. It revealed, that people with a high EI live best (90% respondents from among the most successful). The cornerstone is self-control: to achieve success, do not hit with the palm of your hand, but with a tightly clenched fist. It's not easy to learn, and losing self-control is easy. Psychologist Martin Seligman Group (Университет Пенсильвании) asked two million people to distribute 24 their skill or skill in descending order. Self-control is in the very last place.

17 of things, which I would like to hear before, how did you start trading on the stock exchange

Trade fewer stocks at the same time Do not try to imitate your idols , trading 15 shares at the same time. Thus, you will only make more mistakes and will not be able to effectively lead the position.. Take your time Growing by limits is not a race. Slow, but the right approach is always more successful. This does not mean, what do you need to reject 1000 shares at each limit, before thinking about moving to a higher limit, but you have to be sure, that you do not exceed the risks that you can afford. Sign up for a tutorial site Don't want to sound biased, since I blog myself, this is a very good site with great thoughts and rules. Nevertheless, there are many other training sites. So look for the one, which suits you best, watch videos and take notes on them. If you are trading scalping, what's the point of watching a video about penny stocks? These strategies have absolutely nothing in common.. In addition, you cannot watch videos as passively., …

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1. Warren Buffett, guru investor, condition is assessed in $39 billion: “Price – this is what, what do you pay. The cost – this is what, что ты получаешь. Irrelevant, are we talking about stocks or socks, I prefer to buy a quality product at that moment, when he is underestimated”. 2. George Soros, состояние – $22 billion: “I'm rich just because, what do I know, when wrong. Simply put, I managed to survive thanks to my ability to admit my own mistakes”. 3. David Rubenstein, condition is assessed in $2,8 billion: “Persevere – don't choose “No” as an answer. If you are happy, sitting in one place and not taking risks, you will stay in the same place for the next 20 years”.

Ways to get smarter

Кофе и сигареты. Coffee boosts brain speed, а сигареты делают мышление острее и точнее. Эффект в обоих случаях длится недолго, не говоря уже о долгосрочных последствиях для здоровья. Для некурящих — кофе и пончик. Комбинация глюкозы и кофеина повышает внимательность. Жвачка повышает концентрацию сильнее, than caffeine, Really, the effect lasts only 20 minutes. Рисуйте и чертите. Если размышлять о проблеме и параллельно что-нибудь рисовать, это повысит концентрацию и усилит память. Drink energy. They have a double effect: за счет своего химического состава и в качестве плацебо (потребитель уверен в их действенности). Если не хотите вредить здоровью, просто пяльтесь на банку. This also has an effect.: автогонщики с брендированием Red Bull на машинах чувствуют себя сильнее, быстрее и отчаяннее, потому что именно с этими качествами ассоциируется энергетик. А их соперники наоборот.


I think, one of the signs of the emergence of wisdom, can be called the onset of the moment, when a person stops measuring with others “reproductive organs” and other regalia. Although some will regard this as the beginning of life impotence.

The end of the world did not seem to take place…

… and something flattens all day, and not me alone. Therefore, the celebration of the end of this sinful world in some club was canceled.
Today I saw the inscription on a jar of peaches, what has been done in Bulgaria, not in China, and even rejoiced, that not everything is still given to the Celestial Empire.
Another thought, surfing blogs, that most traders are doing some utter shit and for all the years, can't get rid of the thought, what stock market trading – frivolous occupation, something akin to a computer game, where is the majority – лузеры, still hoping to recoup. The market gives them hope, and then rips off like sticky. It is especially hard in this regard for the winners of the Champions League, kicked out of their market phase, they are like pop or rock stars that once flashed, collecting stadiums, and now completely forgotten fans.
Поеду, I will play paintball, tomorrow, развеюсь


Strange, but one of the very early childhood memories – I am walking with my mother along Victory Street, to the cinema Victory, built by prisoners of war, there is a poster on it, on which the Motherland, and figure 35 (Yes, I learned to read and count very early, I think, for almost as long as I remember myself consciously :)) On days like this, it's tempting to philosophize, what if it weren't for the war, the story went on a different branch, there was a different world, in other boundaries, with other values, maybe, with other scientific discoveries, I would not be, and there was someone else, grandfathers did not die at the front, and mom and grandmother did not sail under the bombing on the last steamer, departing from Feodosia. Think, the majority in our country can say the same about themselves.
Is always, in childhood, loved to watch parades – now more of a habit, but the current one – didn't like – everyone was dressed in the same dark green “цифру”, the same color technique – “splendor” No.

How many pros got divorced

I remember when I just started my trade, I really did not have enough information , because there were no bloggers in Russian about NYSE and I started a blog. At first glance, the situation has improved over the past couple of years., there is someone to read and even watch seminars, but these are units, the rest is rubbish. Some even try to write videos with deals and describe them., забавно смотреть как они прячут размер позиции т.к. trade a small volume not exceeding 1000 Shares. Could show :) Большинство кто начинал почему то через год считать себя профессионалами и пытаются продавать свои курсы, But what can he teach a person if he does not fully understand how to trade and only knows the basics?. There are, of course, a couple of people from whom you can learn, they have been in this business for many years and teach not for money, а потому что им нравится передавать свои знания. The rates of a profitable trader cannot cost 100-1000$, если это не ваш друг

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