Secret club of millionaires – Warren Buffett cartoon

One of the most famous investors and philanthropists, whose state is estimated at 62 billion dollars, became one of the heroes of the new Internet series. 12-serial cartoon called “Secret club of millionaires” and talks about, how 4 teenagers learn financial basics on the example of their own business. Children have to strengthen and protect their business, facing dishonest politicians, corrupt accountants and corporate raiders. Уоррен Баффет выступил в роли их наставника в первой серии мультфильма. Despite, что время такого человека как Уоррен Баффет, is very expensive, the billionaire agreed to participate in the project for free. “Now is the best time, to teach our children financial responsibility”, – he stated, commenting on his participation in the animated series. Buffett's character will look very similar to the investor himself, although he asked one of the animators to make himself look like George Clooney: “Looks like, it's too hard for them!”, – he jokes. The first episode of The Secret Millionaire's Club

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