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Uber IPO: 5 of things, what you need to know about the potentially largest IPO in recent years

Uber said, that after the IPO will be placed 1 676 959 021 stock, excluding items, including options, limited promotions and warrants. At the top of the expected IPO price range, the company can be valued in 83,85 billion dollars. Uber plans to list on the NYSE under the ticker "UBER". Uber Technologies Inc. approached its initial initial public offering on Friday, giving investors a first look at, how big a company's offer can be. Largest call-to-driver service in the United States updates its IPO prospectus, including the expected price range from 44 to 50 dollars per share, which means, what the company can attract up to 9 billion dollars at the high end of this range. This assessment suggests , what are uber prices at uber, IPO, probably , will be in the stadiums of other major offers , which have taken place in the US market in recent years.

MEMX Stock Exchange (abbr. от Members Exchange) new competitor to NYSE, NASDAQ ?!

Major Wall Street Firms Agree To Launch A New Exchange To Compete With Nasdaq And NYSE On Monday, 7 January, consortium, bringing together some of the largest investment companies in the United States, announced plans to launch a new stock exchange. The site with the assumed name MEMX (abbr. от Members Exchange) should become a competitor of the famous Nasdaq and NYSE, offering more favorable trading conditions.

NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 06.10.2016

● Yandex.Money has launched a money transfer service using iMessage technology, with which you can now transfer and receive funds from wallet to wallet. The international payment service WebMoney began to cooperate with the Viber messenger., who have opened an account with WebMoney have the opportunity to replenish their accounts in the paid Viber Out function for calls to devices, which do not have Viber installed or are offline.

Zynga queued up for IPO

The series of IPOs of Internet companies continues - this time the largest developer and publisher of games for the social network Facebook gathered on the exchange, Zynga Company Zynga Company is going to apply for an IPO very soon. The placement is organized by Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, reported the newspaper The Financial Times. Various sources claim, that the company plans to sell no more 10% shares in the amount of 1 to 2 billion dollars. The valuation of the entire company also differs - from 10 to 20 billion dollars. Zynga is a developer and publisher of social games for the social network Facebok. Among her most popular projects is FarmVille, Mafia Wars и CitiVille. The monthly audience of all Zynga games exceeds 215 million people. The company's annual income is estimated at over $ 1 billion. The company earns mainly from the sale of "virtual values" - game weapons, ammunition, etc.. P. Unlike many other internet companies, Zynga прибыльна и

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Groupon discount service goes to the exchange – GRPN

Number of securities, to be placed during the IPO, not specified Groupon, owns the service of collective discounts, filed an IPO application, during which it intends to attract 750 million dollars, Bloomberg reports. Morgan Stanley will host the IPO, Goldman Sachs и Credit Suisse. The company's shares will be traded under the ticker "GRPN". Number of securities, to be placed during the IPO, not indicated. Groupon service was founded in 2008 year. With its help, users can receive discounts, which can be activated only if, if they are interested in a certain minimum number of program participants. Groupon's global network currently covers 33 million users in 35 countries. Last December, Internet giant Google wanted to purchase a discount service for 6 billion dollars. However, the offer was rejected. Having received a refusal, Google started developing its own discount service - Google Offers. Его бета-версия была запущена накануне.

Coupon Groupon service comes to the stock exchange

Number of securities to be placed in the IPO, not specified Company Groupon, which owns the service of collective discounts applied for the IPO, during which intends to raise $ 750 million, reports Bloomberg. Underwriter IPO will be Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. The company’s shares will be traded under the symbol «GRPN». Number of securities to be placed in the IPO, not specified. Groupon Service was founded in 2008. With it, users can get discounts that can be activated only on the condition that they be interested in a minimum number of participants in the program. Currently, the global network covers 33 Groupon million users in 35 countries. In December last year the Internet giant Google wanted to buy discount service for $ 6 billion. However, the proposal was rejected. Having been refused, Google engaged in developing their own promotional code services – Google Offers. Its beta …

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The market review for November, 2st

Stock trades in the United States were closed on October 30 leading indexes lower on the background of macroeconomic news. At investor sentiment negatively affected the report of the Ministry of Commerce (US Department of Commerce), published prior to bidding. According to him, the volume of consumer incomes in the country in September 2009. compared with the previous month, virtually unchanged, while the volume of consumer spending in September 2009. decreased by 0,5% compared to the previous month. In addition, since the start of the trading session in the report of the University of Michigan / Reuters index figures were published in consumer confidence in the U.S., which fell in October to 2.9 points and amounted to 70,6 points. Analysts expected 70 points. Almost at the same time was published index of business activity in October 2009. Which grew at 8.1 points and totaled 54.2 points, said association manager in

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