Old trading strategy for trading on the NYSE

This is the old version. Одна из первых моих торговых стратегий, small sketches of trade.(успешная) Новая : NYSE Trading Strategy Main Entry Signals: Break of the previous day's high or low. The stock must break the low 1 day, better more 10 days low or high. There should be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in its direction. Drawing the bottom, in the form of a saucer, stock reversal . The promotion must pass at least 2-3$ from the opening and trading in the afternoon such signals. Centerfold, после сильного подъема акции и взрыва объема. Minimum 1$ должна вырасти и начинает в уровень упираться.

Schedule Income

Finally, after years of planting my schedule profit struck hai and quietly goes up. I think slowly emerges upward trend Previously, 90% of my monthly earnings were MOC, but they were lost and had to switch to intraday. I improved its trade and gradually building up the size of positions. After that, everything will be better and better, the main discipline.

Money management

If 3 days in minus 4 day do not trade. If the transaction minus 3.4, rest for some time (min. 30 minutes) More than 5 deals with the results, resting for some time (min. 30 minutes) Delu limit losses intradeevsky: -60% of the limit can lose up to 12:00 -40% of the limit can lose after 14:00 AT OPG can lose depending on the size of the position, for every 1000 shares ~ 7C losses. Example: if I have a position of 1000 shares after the open of the loss of 70 $ I will cover the position 10 000 not more than $ 800, etc. AT MOC already 10C at 1000 shares, not more than 1000 $ to 10000 shares Stop at all positions around 10C, but not more than 15C.

NYSE and NYSE Amex Fees List Update

With 1 august 2009 Years NYSE and AMEX Introduce the Following Pricing Changes (prices are pending SEC approval). Wholesale Prices NYSE NYSE Introduces Volume Traded Pricing. For firms, passing on this requirement the price is entered $ 0.17 / 100shares, What's on 32-43% below, than other major exchanges, also the fee for MOC / LOC orders is reduced to $ 0.06 / 100shares. Clients will be able to receive reduced rates subject to the average daily volume (“ADV”) a month higher 130 million shares, including adding liquidity (prim.per.: placing and executing limit orders) на более чем 30 million shares and more than 15 mln shares for MOC and LOC orders. Просьба отметить, that NYSE plans to increase qualifying requirements for traded volume in September, but sets lower requirements for August in view of the expected summer decline in trading activity.

6 July

Intraday : Caterpillar Inc. (Public, NYSE:CAT) Sector: Capital Goods > Industry: Constr. and Agric. Machinery Selling CAT at Opening Price, to continue the down trend of the previous days. I went down to 30C and turned around. General Mills, Inc. (Public, NYSE:GIS) Sector: Consumer/Non-Cyclical > Industry: Food Processing Bought after breaking through the daily high, bought in addition before the downtic and went out count flat.

Russell Rebalances

Today Russell Rebalances!!! I hope they will let me trade them for the first time in my life., let's see what will happen. On 29 June 2009 the rebalanced Russell index (Russell Global Index, Russell 1000 ® pointer, Russell 2000 ® Russell Index 3000 ® and Russell Microcap ® Index) will go into effect and will remain in effect for the next 12 month period. The newly recreated indices take effect after the US stock markets close on Friday, 26 June, 2009. The Russell Investment Group will use NYSE NYSE closing price on NYSE and Amex listing, added to the index. Promotions that add, remove – LIST All Stocks in the Russell Index 3000 – LIST Description can be viewed HERE Rough translation and Summary :

18 June 2009

Intraday : There were no normal trades that day, something didn't go my shares far ... Abbott Laboratories (Public, NYSE:ABT) Sector: Healthcare > Industry: Major Drugs I bought after breaking through the high and sat 2 hours almost, but never did anything. Baxter International Inc. (Public, NYSE:BAX) Sector: Healthcare > Industry: Medical Equipment and Supplies Bought after breaking through the high of the day, to continue the trend, but there was a false breakthrough and she turned around. Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (Public, NYSE:DGX) Sector: Healthcare > Industry: Healthcare Facilities

17 June

The first day after a week of rest from trading was crowned with success Intraday : The oil was drained all day, I didn't have time for the first movement, but on the second I made money. Selling all stocks on the 2nd fall . Ultra Petroleum Corp. (Public, NYSE:UPL) Sector: Energy > Industry: Oil and Gas Operations Petro-Canada (USA) (Public, NYSE:PCZ) Sector: Energy > Industry: Oil and Gas – Integrated

MOC in the style of Bear Stearns

Yesterday (1 June 2009) come out buy MOC, everything is as usual. Everything is slowly going up, but for 5 minutes before the close, a huge seller comes in and just pushes JPM down by 1 dollars. And after him the whole market goes down, there was nothing to be done in time. I was very lucky, what i didn't do, but who was in Long had to be tight. Bear Stearns did this last time, when I turned over all the Imbalances and buried everyone with prints.

1 May

Intraday : Abbott Laboratories (Public, NYSE:ABT) Sector: Healthcare > Industry: Major Drugs Selling on the continuation of yesterday's trend. CIRCOR International, Inc. (Public, NYSE:CIR) Sector: Basic Materials > Industry: Misc. Fabricated Products Buying on a pullback after yesterday's drop, but tired of sitting and went out.

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