The usual number of the shares to trade on the NYSE

That’s what I like the New York Stock Exchange, is a choice for any style of trading, so a small number of stocks that went up yesterday. Of course on top is difficult to analyze count every day, but eventually you get used to and it’s easy. Nearly 300 stocks selected, from the need to find 5.10 today And this is only technology, not counting today, and who report the news … ACS, ZMH, AME, BGC, ABX, MCK, FIS, AOC, MDP, SPW, STR, TMK, PXP, RCL, WCG, DTO, BDX, CL, OCR, AVY, IRM, WSH, DOES, BEC, SPXU, MFE, STJ, VXX, GVA, MCO, WMI, PH, ADP, ZMH, SMG, CMP, KB, WAS, BWA, BGZ, CTV, DGX, HSC, MCD, DO, FLS, BEN, CP, WHAT, CVD, AEM, FAS, AMG, LPS, NBL, FMC, FCX, VTR, FCL, EME, BHP, HEY, PPG, AVP, MOS, OII, ANR, SNE, LAZ, BBL, HES, AFL, MBT, HBC, ITG, COL, LNC, WLL, …

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Day trading for 10 august

MAR : Marriott International Sector: Services > Industry: Hotels and Motels Good Selling With Increased NFG Position : National Fuel Gas Co Sector: Utilities > Industry: Natural Gas Utilities MMM : 3M Company Sector: Conglomerates > Industry: Conglomerates LXK : Lexmark International


3M ("Three Em", NYSE: MMM) - American diversified innovation and manufacturing company. Headquarters - Maplewood, Minnesota (USA). President and Chairman of the Board of Directors - George Buckley. You all, I guess, used scotch tape, adhesive stickers and, maybe, did not think who thought of such obvious things. The article will focus on the company's success story, which started with scotch tape, but has grown into a transatlantic company with tens of thousands of employees. It's about 3M.

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