Million Dollar Traders UK reality show about aspiring traders (video)

The show is tracking a group of 8 novice traders, trading on the stock market during the events of the global financial crisis of 2007-2009, eventually reduced to 3 human. Participants come from various walks of life, including battle promoter, single mother, retired IT engineer, student, etc.. The show covers the events of two months, during which the applicants manage the amount in $1 million, allocated by former Goldman Sachs trader Hampstead Capital hedge fund manager Lex van Dam from personal funds. Anton Krail, professional trader and former Goldman Sachs employee, Lehman Brothers и JP Morgan Chase, was appointed curator of the group. Filmed by Century Films, consists of three episodes and is commented on by Andrew Lincoln. Broadcast in the UK on BBC Two in 21:00 on Mondays between 12 And 27 January 2009 of the year. 1 season 1 series 1 1 season 2 series