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MEMX Stock Exchange (abbr. от Members Exchange) new competitor to NYSE, NASDAQ ?!

Major Wall Street Firms Agree To Launch A New Exchange To Compete With Nasdaq And NYSE On Monday, 7 January, consortium, bringing together some of the largest investment companies in the United States, announced plans to launch a new stock exchange. The site with the assumed name MEMX (abbr. от Members Exchange) should become a competitor of the famous Nasdaq and NYSE, offering more favorable trading conditions.

What you need to know about Ferrari before the IPO

The first public offering of the company is expected this Friday, its volume can be 1 billion dollars. Here's what an investor needs to know, to be fully armed. Ferrari, which in July presented plans for the placement of about 10% shares on the New York Stock Exchange, may conduct an IPO this week. 90% автопроизводителя принадлежит итало-американскому концерну Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NYSE: FCAU). The rest are owned by Piero Ferrari, son of the founder of the company. IPO — часть серии ходов, designed to completely separate Ferrari from FCA, which plans to transfer the remaining 80% company securities to its shareholders. Ferrari itself will not receive any income from this - the sale of shares will be carried out by FCA. Expected, that the process will be completed by mid-October. Swiss financial holding UBS will act as global coordinator and bookrunner along with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch и Santander Investment Securities. Here are seven facts, которые нужно знать о Ferrari в преддверии IPO.

Collapse of the Titans: A story of greed and pride, about the crash of Merrill Lynch and about, how Bank of America narrowly escaped bankruptcy

Year: 2012 author: Greg Farrell Genre: Business Talk Publishing House: Alpina Publisher ISBN: 978-5-9614-1922-1 Language: Russian Format: PDF Quality: Originally computer (eBook) Number of pages: 414 Description: Greg Farrell's investigative journalism is based on the story of the Merrill Lynch crash, companies, which revolutionized the stock market, building your business on the provision of financial consulting services to ordinary citizens. Merrill Lynch epitomizes the American way of thinking with a 'huge herd' of financial advisors. Sudden collapse, the decline and sale of Bank of America was a shock. What are the reasons? How it happened? Based on unique sources from Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, the book tells a story about greed, arrogance and incompetence, opening a series of historical events of the financial crisis.

Zynga queued up for IPO

The series of IPOs of Internet companies continues - this time the largest developer and publisher of games for the social network Facebook gathered on the exchange, Zynga Company Zynga Company is going to apply for an IPO very soon. The placement is organized by Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, reported the newspaper The Financial Times. Various sources claim, that the company plans to sell no more 10% shares in the amount of 1 to 2 billion dollars. The valuation of the entire company also differs - from 10 to 20 billion dollars. Zynga is a developer and publisher of social games for the social network Facebok. Among her most popular projects is FarmVille, Mafia Wars и CitiVille. The monthly audience of all Zynga games exceeds 215 million people. The company's annual income is estimated at over $ 1 billion. The company earns mainly from the sale of "virtual values" - game weapons, ammunition, etc.. P. Unlike many other internet companies, Zynga прибыльна и

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Michael Steinhard / Michael Steinhardt

Michael Steinhard was born 7 December 1940 years in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Steinhard recognized as one of the best investors and hedge fund managers. Founder of Steinhardt hedge fund, Fine, Berkowitz & Co. One of the best traders and investors grew up in Brooklyn, his father was a jeweler. Michael first became interested in stocks, when he was presented with several pieces for one of the holidays, he soon began to go to the local Merrill Lynch branch to check his investments and use the income to buy more shares. После окончания школы, Age 16 years, Steinhardt went to Wharton School at Pennsylvania State University, where he completed the basic university program in three years.

Лео Меламед (Leo Melamed)

Одна из наиболее мощных фигур в финансовом мире – Лео Меламед (Leo Melamed) – revolutionized futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. However, like his fellow financial genius George Soros, Melamed first had to take an amazing journey, which included eluding the Nazis and Russians, to get to the United States. IN 1939 year he and his family fled from Poland to Lithuania, but, when they got there, they needed a transit visa, to continue the journey. “Even my philosophical father, – рассказывал Меламед, – could not explain, how you can reduce a person's life to waiting in line for a piece of paper, which could mean the difference between life and death”. Пересекая на поезде Сибирь, young Melamed learned his first lesson in strategy – stay calm and focused under fire – because, к его изумлению, father plunged into chess, obviously, oblivious to the chaos around him.

Leo Melamed

One of the most powerful figures in the financial world – Leo Melamed (Leo Melamed) – revolutionized the trade futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. However, like his colleague’s financial genius of George Soros, Melamed first had to take an amazing journey that included slipping away from the Nazis and the Russian to get into the United States. In 1939, he and his family fled from Poland to Lithuania, but when they were there, they needed transit visas to continue the journey. “Even my philosophically minded father – told Melamed – could not explain how you can reduce a person’s life to wait in line a piece of paper, which could mean the difference between life and death.” Crossing Siberia by train, the young Melamed learned my first lesson in strategy – stay calm and focus under fire – for, to his amazement, his father fell into chess, apparently ignoring

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Michael Bloomberg: the story of a mayor and a billionaire

There are not many politicians in the world, who also boast the status of a dollar billionaire. Remembering Europe, Silvio Berlusconi immediately comes to mind. But America has its own Berlusconi, whose name is Michael Bloomberg. A real financial Mogul and a very successful mayor, loved by all New Yorkers. The first confirms the fact, that Bloomberg is one of the richest Americans on the Forbes list. And about the success of Bloomberg, how does politics say that, that the New York City Legislative Council allowed him to run for mayor for the third consecutive time.. Работа на «дядю» как способ заработать стартовый капитал Майкл Блумберг родился 14 February 1942 of the year in Boston. His parents were never very wealthy – his father worked as an accountant., and the mother was a secretary. That's why Michael had to earn money at a gas station., to continue his studies at Johns Hopkins University. IN 1964 The University was completed, and Michael became a bachelor in electrical engineering. That was the beginning.. Two years later, Bloomberg became a graduate of Harvard.. …

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