Liked the phrase

“All your results, dreams and goals do not depend on "circumstances" and "luck", but from the presence of banal self-discipline. This is when you know how to set tasks for yourself and complete them.. Regardless of the weather, mood or favorable arrangement of stars in the sky. When you walk forward, through the rain, зной, the wind ... when everything, who started this path with you, have long merged and abandoned their Dream, and you keep going forward.”

Life goes on…

I wanted to write a long post about what happened, but why write about your relationship, do not put them on public ... In short, then finally broke up with the girl he loved 2 of the year, yes, I still love, it so happened and nothing is formed, at least in this life. According to the idea, I should not trade until I calm down, when you care about something, it reflects very badly on trading. I hope my results will only get better, shit happens, главное не потерять головы… ВСЕ, WHAT DO YOU HAVE, COULD VAPOR IN ONE MOMENT… Update : 3 did a pic, as soon as it ended, the trading terminal flew out and nothing was saved, and this is only then, when I finished it. Maybe this is a sign not to trade? :evil:

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