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I would like to share good news for newcomers to NYSE, Manhattan Investment Group International took care of its clients and provides an opportunity to watch in real time how the professionals trade with their comments. Это поможет понять как торгую профи на рынке NYSE и заработать деньги. Подробнее можно почитать тут . In the near future, I will create educational materials together with them., for quick and competent development of the exchange. Учебные материалы можно почитать тут. База знаний постепенно будет пополнятся и станет одной из лучших. I would like to hear what materials you are interested in and on what topics to write articles .

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That would not answer by 100 times on 1 the same question, you can ask it in this post, and I will post the answer to it. So we will save our time ... Decided to renew this section, so I will be glad to new comments. What trading platform are you using? IB Trader Workstation (TWS), RT PRO Fusion (Blackwood ), Takion, GT Web, Laser, Sterling PRO, THAT, Lightspeed, ROX, GrayBox, Aurora, MultiCharts

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