Где майнеру жить хорошо: 7 стран для выгодного майнинга Где майнеру жить хорошо: 7 стран для выгодного майнинга 1

Where the miner to live well: 7 countries for profitable mining

Known, that the profitability of crypto production directly depends on the cost of electricity. The less the miner spends on feeding the "farm", the more profitable it is for him to do business. In search of the best conditions, digital coin miners are ready to move anywhere in the world. We have compiled a list of countries for profitable mining. 1.

Цифровая валюта omnisego. Что за монета и для чего? Цифровая валюта OmniseGo. Что за монета и для чего? 12

OmniseGo digital currency. What is the coin and why?

Expansion of the cryptocurrency market, no one amazes anymore. It's all about, that everyone is tired of the dominance of one digital currency. Therefore, almost everyone is looking for a method to take the "crown" from Bitcoin and for this purpose new projects of cryptographic currencies are being created.. For instance, like Bitcoin Cash or, for example OmniseGo.

Как сделать свою криптографическую валюту Как сделать свою криптографическую валюту 15

How to make your own cryptocurrency

A digital asset can be considered a currency only in this case., if it can be exchanged for a product or service. The price of a digital currency is specifically influenced by the demand for it and the supply in the market.. The value of digital currency units is constantly changing. She usually grows, but there are also falls.

History of digital currency

Now in the age of the web, the world is experiencing the era of electronic media, when paper funds are replaced by plastic credit cards, and there are a huge number of systems for electronic currency payments, for example, Yandex Tools, QIWI Wallet, WebMoney, etc.. Digital currency is a fundamentally new means of payment.

Связанные с пирамидой plustoken биткоины на $117 млн пришли в движение Связанные с пирамидой PlusToken биткоины на $117 млн пришли в движение 23

PlusToken pyramid related bitcoins on $117 million are in motion

Over 12 000 BTC worth about $117 million at the current exchange rate, allegedly related to the PlusToken cryptocurrency pyramid, moved to two new addresses. The data was provided by the vice president of the blockchain security company PeckShields Chiyachi Wu. Transferred to one of the addresses 11 999 Coins, On the second - 424 BTC.

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