Of course the American teacher for 10 000 $

Caring for the trader – a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received. Continue reading “Of course the American teacher for 10 000 $”

Does the past to the future?

Trading in the real world often requires that you are focused on getting immediate experience to a greater extent than their past mistakes. Did you suffer losses, one after the other or you just tortured fears about the past? The following short quiz will help you understand the answer to this question.

To what extent do you agree with each of the more opinions?

If you completely disagree with this or any other matter for discussion, then write yourself 1 point if you simply do not agree with statements, note 2 points. If you generally agree, write yourself 3 points. If you fully agree record 4 points. Now define its position on the following judgments: Continue reading “Does the past to the future?”

Easy come, easy gone

Although economists are guided behavioral approach, consider how a sense of regret, which is annoying from time to time by all traders, psychological studies show that some people are more inclined to feel that feeling, as compared to other people. All traders are experiencing grief after the wrong trading decision, which could have been avoided, but some players blamed themselves regardless of circumstances. Once such players will miss a large market movement or receive more “product”, they begin to analyze their actions and blame themselves that they have committed. They want to go back in time, to do everything differently, they can not stop, calculating what they did wrong. Continue reading “Easy come, easy gone”

Do not succumb to regret

When trading the markets losses are commonplace. They cause us pain, but for some traders bitterness from the wrong decision is the worst feeling of all. They blame themselves for having done something wrong. They bring himself so that trying to abandon transactions, not to feel regret afterwards. In the book “For the threshold of greed and fear,” Dr. Hersh Shefrin argues that regret and responsibility are closely linked. The more we accept responsibility for their actions, the more powerful then a feeling of regret. Continue reading “Do not succumb to regret”