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Risk limit . Margin Call movie

Risk Limit comes out this weekend . Margin Call,I'll try to visit him. While a small Russian trailer for him, although they say the film is not very good. September 2008 of the year. The global economic crisis has already begun, but America doesn't know yet, what disaster lies ahead, and only a group of top executives on Wall Street is looking for a recipe for salvation. Это были самые страшные часы в их жизни… Сотрудник одного из крупнейших инвестиционных банков Lehman Brothers с помощью новейшей программы рыночного анализа получает ошеломляющий прогноз — акции упадут, the market will crash, the bank will lose everything. In the morning of the next day, he gets laid off and, before leaving, passes a flash drive with dangerous information to his former assistant.. By the evening, the best analysts of the bank, checking these calculations, realized a terrible prospect: the collapse is inevitable. Now they face a choice: start urgent dump, which will leave large shareholders all over the world, and millions of ordinary investors with nothing - or wait for the development of events, which is fraught with the loss of everything. Решать нужно здесь

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Lehman Brothers Holdings wants to get with JPMorgan $5 billion.

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc (LEHMQ) and a group of creditors, unsecured, filed a claim for the amount, превышающую $5 billion. v. JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM), accusing the bank of divesting vital assets, accelerated the bankruptcy of Lehman, informs 26 May Reuters. In the claim, filed in Manhattan bankruptcy court, истцы обвинили JPMorgan в изъятии миллиардов долларов обеспечения непосредственно перед банкротством Lehman под угрозой лишить Lehman клиринговых услуг, necessary for the brokerage business. “Приставив к голове Lehman этот финансовый пистолет, JPMorgan добился от Lehman односторонних соглашений буквально в одночасье, – the lawsuit says. – Эти миллиарды долларов обеспечения по праву принадлежат Lehman и его кредиторам”. The claimants want to receive $5 billion, registered as collateral immediately before bankruptcy, plus interest and other compensation. (With) k2kapital.com

American International Group (NYSE: AIG, TYO: AIGT.T)

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) (NYSE: AIG, TYO: AIGT.T) - the largest American insurance company. Headquarters - New York. Founded in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai (China). Subsequently, the company's operations spread throughout the world.. IN 1969 year the company went public. Head of the company - Edward Liddy. AIG is a leading international insurance organization, based in the USA, and one of the largest commercial and industrial insurance underwriters in America. Companies, its constituent, provide various types of insurance in about 130 countries (including in Russia). Based on the results of activities 1999 of the year AIG ranked # 1 in net profit among all US-based organizations, specializing in insurance and financial services, And 17 – e place among all American public corporations. According to the leading international rating agencies “Moody’s” And “Standard & Poor’s”, AIG's strong financial position is reflected in its highest credit rating (AAA)

Bankruptcy of US companies [ Top 10 largest ]

Probably, you all heard about, that the bankruptcy procedure of the legendary American company General Motors is now beginning. Fortune magazine has compiled a list of 10 largest bankruptcies in American business history. It seemed to us quite interesting, that's why we present it on the pages of our magazine.

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