I'm on the NYSE again

I go to NYSE again since Monday, I will trade now on little things, but in tight limits, I will join the market, day trading on NYSE again? – AHA
Loss limit per month: 200$ gross.
Loss limit per day: 30$ gross.
Homework: more precisely, the selection of stocks for the next trading day I will try to write again in the blog as well as […]

Laser Trade Trading Platform Review

Laser Trade - developed by Genesis, which allows traders to directly conduct transactions directly on the three leading American stock exchanges - NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, where more than 13,5 thousand shares of various issuers. In this way, Laser Trade trading platform provides access to information, which was previously closed. Until now, access to the American stock market has been limited by strict territorial and financial qualifications., i.e., either traders from the USA were admitted to the market, either traders, having serious financial resources.

Results of the past week 14.12 – 18.12

The week was not even very bad for me, Total 1 negative day and then because of trading on a different trading strategy that I am still learning, so nothing to complain about. Opened an account with Manhattan Investment Group International for trading on myself The last days of the week dealt with the Laser trading platform, comfortable of course, но еще не привычно. Дела налаживаться, главное соблюдать дисциплину и будет все хорошо.

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