What is the crypto community

A significant increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies leaves few people indifferent. Someone persistently adheres to the position of denial, considering the digital currency a "soap bubble", and someone believed in a digital asset sincerely and irrevocably. But one way or another., people tend to make money on it.

Where the miner to live well: 7 countries for profitable mining

Known, that the profitability of crypto production directly depends on the cost of electricity. The less the miner spends on feeding the "farm", the more profitable it is for him to do business. In search of the best conditions, digital coin miners are ready to move anywhere in the world. We have compiled a list of countries for profitable mining. 1.

How not to be a "homyak" on the stock exchange and get rich?

In this article we will talk about, who is a "a "ahamer" and why it is so important not to become one. On financial exchanges, as an everywhere, there is a slang. If you are already investing a little, then probably heard about "hamsters". "A rookie" is called a beginner, which trades on the market recently and, in pursuit of profit, makes hasty decisions.

What affects the price of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new phenomenon in the modern economy, at the initial stage of development. Therefore, we can observe high volatility in the price of digital assets., fluctuations from minimum to maximum and back. One of the first questions, emerging from newcomers to the world of digital money, about that, what is the cryptocurrency secured by.

Will the growth of the crypt continue??

Will the growth of the crypt continue??Will the growth of the crypt continue??This question turns out to be critical at each new stage of the "cryptoralli". On the one side, no one wants to miss a golden opportunity to make a profitable investment in a growing asset.

Token or your blockchain – what is better for a crypto project?

Token or your blockchain – what is better for a crypto project?Token or your blockchain – what is better for a crypto project?Today, in decentralized finance, we can observe two main approaches to building a project architecture.: some developers rely on their own strength, launching your own blockchains, others issue tokens on large blockchains, such as Ethereum or Waves, without having to deploy a separate infrastructure for your project. But which of these approaches is better? To start, let's take a look at the benefits of using third party blockchain by companies: Low costs. Actually, this is the main advantage of using the token, which is often decisive. If the company does not have the resources to do it, to develop your, separate blockchain, deploy and maintain its infrastructure - then the token becomes the only possible solution. Simplicity. Using a token removes the need to develop a blockchain from scratch. That is, there is no need to hire expensive blockchain developers., and the risk of making a critical error is minimized - a difficult development task, testing and maintenance of the blockchain is decided by others. Simplifying audience engagement. Convince people …

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