Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrency Trading. Features and tricks

2017 the year was marked by exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, whose dynamics amaze the imagination. Many in the past year were once again convinced that, that the profitability of investments in new assets is often more attractive than the results of investing in shares of even the most successful companies. The prospects for obtaining significant profit on invested funds attract more and more new participants to the cryptocurrency market, including famous players in the world of traditional finance.

US court equated ICO tokens with securities

Brooklyn District Court equated ICO with securities issue. The decision was made as part of the consideration of the case of fraudulent token sales of businessman Maxim Zaslavsky. As Bloomberg writes, at the preliminary hearing, Judge Raymond Deary agreed with the prosecution, which stated, that in the framework of federal criminal law, the initial offerings of coins are equivalent to the issue of securities. The case remains to be considered by the jury, And, if they agree with this verdict, this will be a precedent for all similar productions.

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