Top 30 most influential investors in Silicon Valley [инфографика]

Funders and Founders has posted an infographic on its Facebook page, отображающуюрейтинг самых влиятельных венчурных инвесторов и безнес-ангелов из Кремниевой Долины. This rating was compiled on the basis of references to investors on the Internet. (mostly on the Quora service), as well as surveys of entrepreneurs. Well,, если вы стартапер с ориентированным на западную аудиторию проектом, then now you know, who needs to send a description of their brilliant business idea in the first place. And the list of Twitter accounts of the specified investors will help you with this., which the author of the infographic has carefully collected for you in a separate table (after infographics). List of Twitter accounts of listed investors: