Trust management (private trader)

I decided to write a small FAQ for investors who decided to invest money in trust for a private trader, i.e.. to me. You can find out more details by contacting me. @Good_trades Terms: Trading is currently carried out only on the US stock market(NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) stocks and intraday ETFs, without transferring positions to the next day. Recommended amount: from 30 000$ (minimum 10 000$) To whom the account is opened: only for the investor. Deposit / withdraw funds can only be you Broker: рекомендую Interactive Brokers LLC для счетов более 30000$ (individually from the amount) Duration: from 6 месяцев Вывод средств: individually(not more often 1 once a month) Yield: average 3-10% per month (depends on the amount, broker leverage, market conditions, etc.) Risks: 5-10% maximum total risk for the entire deposit. Profit distribution: 50% on 50% (individually)