Trade consolidation stocks on the US stock exchange

Old stuff, but maybe there will be new thoughts for someone, I don't remember who the author is. Found in archives. I'll post a couple more later. I think, that most of the money, which i did in day trading, comes from consolidation trading. This is one of the few professions, where you can accurately predict your growth potential. It mainly works in all markets, but it is extremely effective in a strong market. This is most common in promotions, which are very strong in the morning.

Day Trader Trading Styles

Range Breakout (Range break) This is the simplest and most common trading technique.. All a trader needs is find the range (base, consolidation, flat) and wait for it to break through in any direction. Trader doesn't care, in which direction the range will be broken. It is important for him to enter when the range breaks. Pattern Breakout (Breaking through the pattern (graphic figure)) In technical analysis of prices, there is a concept of a graphical figure or pattern. These figures include: triangle, flag, pennant, double bottom or top and so on. When a pattern is clearly formed on the chart, the trader will wait for the price to exit this pattern and start opening a position.

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