Henry Cluse / Henry Clews

Henry Cluse was born in England in 1836 year, and in 1850 emigrated to the United States. Kluz started out as a clerk in a large importing company and only later moved into the financial business.. Close became a member of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the panic 1857 of the year, during which prices fell by about 50 Percent. “This crisis sounded like a funeral march for the old conservatism on Street, – wrote Kluz. – A younger race of financiers emerged, filling the places of the old conservative leaders ". For all his extravagance, Clouse was a value investor. He understood, that “at the heart of all this stormy mass of facts are the laws of nature; if we study them in relation to the objects they control, they (laws) will work the same way, like the rising of the sun ".