Selection in prop in Fondexx Prop Contest 2

Just the other day a new contest will start in the prop Fondexx. This is the second stream, win the last competition for a long time trading with the company's money and you have a chance to become part of the team . I recommend everyone to try to pass the selection and show what you are capable of.. Last time I just forgot about the account I created for the contest, this time I want to broadcast the trade on their new terminal from the contest account. Fondexx Prop Contest is not just a contest, it is also a way to find profitable traders. We are actively developing the prop direction and form a pool of traders around the company, capable of showing results. We are ready to invest time in every trader, money and work for a long time. Prizes 10 accounts to manage ($75 000 buying power и $ 500 risk). Extra bonus = $10 x number of participants. You can withdraw. registration

Fondexx Trader Contest on $5000

Fondexx Prop Contest is not just a contest, it is also a way to find profitable traders. We are actively developing the prop direction and form a pool of traders around the company, capable of showing results. We are ready to invest time in every trader, money and work for a long time. PRIZE FUND $5000 + EXTRA BONUS

Конкурс “Results of the Year 2012”

Коллективный блог трейдеров объявляет конкурс на лучшую статью уходящего года 2012 on financial markets. Most of you will sum up the results of the year and we give you the opportunity to make money on this. You can write an article about your trading over the past year, highlight interesting events on the market or publish a forecast for the next year. Articles with the highest number of ratings receive cash prizes: 1 a place - 100$ 2 a place - 50$ 3 a place - 25$

Crazy Fusion Contest

Are you fond of trading on American exchanges? Consider yourself an experienced trader? Ready to test your trading method for strength? GT Capital Group announces the start of the trading competition, anyone can take part in it. Within one day, participants must make every effort and show the greatest profit when working on a demo account. Every day 10 new contestants make deals on demo accounts in the Fusion platform. Following the results of five days of competition among 50 the top five will be selected. The company will reward the lucky ones with prize amounts: 1st place – $500; 2nd place – $300; 3rd place – $200; 4th place – $100; V место – $50. Learn more…

Конкурс: We give a video course for likes

  With 22 October GT Capital Group launches a competition in the official communities of the company in social networks. Для участия достаточно вступить в одно из сообществ компании — в фейсбуке или во вконтакте – "Like" the post about the contest and share this message with your friends. Those of the participants, whose shares will get the most likes, become the winners of the competition. The company will give the winners in each of the communities free access to the tutorial "Complete video course from professional traders of GT Capital on trading American stocks". The video course contains detailed information about the structure of exchanges and trading., the relationship between bidding, участниками рынка, news background and price chart movement. Knowing these smallest details will help you understand clearly, what happens to the market, and in which direction you should move in your development.      

Traanan Channel Contest

We have created a Collective blog of traders – created as habrahabra, but for traders. We are for high-quality content on the site. There are millions of articles and authors on the Internet, but it is very difficult to find really valuable. По этому мы проводим конкурс на лучших авторов по трейдингу, ordinary users will rate it. To participate, you only need to write articles on the site Collective blog of Traders, and readers will appreciate you themselves. 2 step to the prize : 1)Register on the site 2)Start writing on it:) Prizes : 1 a place – 2 1 month free subscription to Traanan Channel 2 And 3 a place – месяц бесплатной подписки на Traanan Channel Свое место вы можете посмотреть в ТОПе людей Конкурс проводиться до 1го сентября 2011 of the year.

Final result

 Summing up the competition, состоявшего из 3 этапов. each about 1 month.

Not all contestants took part in all stages, therefore one cannot say, who is clearly better or worse, luckier or not. But , Nevertheless, the leaders of the list performed very well :)) ( will have to take them to work).
leondik 69
pet1 60
akhloponin 57
spotlight_you 45
maxim_pr 42
bvitaliy 41
masyura 33
dim81 31
sun_dancing 30
archie_fareast 28
chajniknabirzhe 27
vitalynikulin 25
ed9 25
saintjohnny 20
fo_rts 20
fartrader 20
arch_ru 16 16
elseoneilay 14
asbingo 14 14
boba_bur 12
anton_zagorulko 12

Rewarding “Runet Financial Blogs - 2010” (Many photos)

Well, the competition is over “Runet Financial Blogs - 2010” and all the winners received their prizes. Me and Anton( Traanan ) посетили награждение проходившее в Москве в клубе-ресторане «Тармплин» 16 December. По мне так заведение могли снять получше, nothing special, decided not to spend a lot of money on organizing the celebration. The people were full, but mostly it was the organizers themselves, it feels like they were doing the party for themselves. The organizer of the competition was the RZB Media Group and the MICEX, so we didn't really expect to win in any nomination.

Flew to Moscow to award blogs

The plane tickets were bought and in a couple of hours Anton and I ( traanan ) we will fly to Moscow at the awards ceremony of the Competition "Financial Blogs of the Runet – 2010» . I hope it will be fun there and the organizers will not let you down, and the jury members will appreciate our blogs at their true worth and give some prizes. It will be interesting to chat with other bloggers live. The trip report will be tomorrow…

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