Trade-ideas Configuring special window filters in Russian

  Name Description Min Price These filters refer to the last print or current level 1 information at the time of the appearance of the signal. These are the exact values, they are not averaged or leveled. Max Price Min Spread Max Spread Min Bid Size Min Ask Size Min Distance from Inside Market Сравнивают последний принт с лучшим бидом и оффером. If you set the maximum, equal 0, then you will see only those stocks, with which transactions were made at the price of the best bid or offer, or in between, at the time the signal appears. At the value of the maximum 0.1, trades with a price no more than 0,1% above the best offer and at least a tenth of a percent below the best bid, which helps distinguish valid prints from bad ones. The further the print value is from the best values, the less reliable the signal. Это особенно удобно при работе вместе с OddsMaker. OddsMaker uses the last print price as the entry price. This is only applicable if, if it was a valid print. Чем ближе

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